Almost all Halflings live in a string of homesteads and villages that line the west banks of the eastern drake river between Torlynn and Edgewater, the latter of which has the largest population of Halflings in the valley.

They are governed by local mayors and councils, but mostly just behave in a manner that requires little oversight, on land that while pretty is of little value to anyone else. Practicing trades and crafts, farming and herding, the area is quiet, well patrolled (the militia is well organized, and neighbors tend to be of the nosy variety), and prosperous. The Halflings are rather famed for their holidays, and people with means travel for many miles for these special events.

Religion: Halflings are not generally regarded as an overwhelmingly pious people, but they follow the Expanse as well as their human neighbors. Particularly devout individuals will almost always favor Ixion, the god of the sun, which is not surprising given that it was they who first brought his worship into the Expanse. Those who honor Ixion often do so by following the life domain, a different path than is normal for humans. Shrines to Falcho Fallowguard are common in halfling villages and homes, but most view this primarily as a good luck symbol, more than a declaration of religious devotion.

Holidays: Tembiir is the biggest of the halfling holidays beginning on the 1st of eirmont (the new moon at the start of ‘November’) and running until the full moon on the 15th. The last two days are when travelers would be interested, and most of the earlier part of the festival is not so festive (and makes the seemingly pleasant halflings less hospitable), plays are performed each evening, and the whole region celebrates the last two days with feasting and drink.

Language: While a few halfling families make an effort to keep Hin (the halfling language) alive, the vast majority, having encountered no other speakers of the language in countless generations, see little use for it. Halfling characters may trade the halfing language for another language at character creation.

Lifespan: Halflings reach age of majority at 30, middle age at 60, old at 90 and are considered ancient at 150, they typically live to around 200.

History: While the Halflings are one of the oldest inhabitants of the valley, as one might expect have little history of note to others. Outside of marching to the Day of Three Suns under the banner of Ixion, and contributing the twins Korian and Dorian to the first Quadrial, they have little history of note to anyone but themselves, they have not migrated much, build no grand structures or famous kingdoms, fight no wars, they are a simple people.


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