Character Creation

Choose race: Humans (pop 7000), Dwarves (pop 1000), Elves (pop 300), Halflings (pop 3000), and Gnomes (pop 50) are the appropriate races. There are some other races in the setting as a whole, but none available at campaign start. The setting does not have half races, no half elves or half orcs.

Niether Drow nor Forest Gnomes are appropriate subraces.

Choose a class:
Barbarian: Humans are far and away the most common barbarians (the nomads of the southern great grassland being the primary source), some dwarves practice a combat style that is reflective the barbarian class.

Bard: There are few bards in the rift, though they all are trained at Rhiannon’s playhouse in Edgewater.

Cleric: Neither the Elf nor Dwarf gods, grant spells, and the Gnomish community appears to revere no gods. As such clerics are very rare among these groups. Humans worship all of the gods who grant spells in the rift (though neither Orcus nor Nyx are appropriate PC choices, and we would need to seriously talk about the Moon Dragon). Halfling clerics almost always revere Ixion, if any clerics of Falcho Fallowguard exist, they would be as likely to be halflings as humans.

All players of clerics must choose a god who grants their characters spells, a cleric who does not have such a god may not prepare spells over first level. It is possible for a character to not know which god grants their spells, believing themselves independent, or as a lone worshiper of a forgotten or obscure god.

Druid: The druids of the Grakken wood are the most well known, and are traditionally all human. Most people do not know of the existence of the Druids of Brichtwood, a much smaller group, and also traditionally human.

The Keepers of the Tree among the elves are druids as well, though they trade the ability to shapeshift for expanded spellcasting options. For a prospective Keeper to become an adventurer would be a terrible tragedy for the elven community.

Fighter: Fighters are more than just thugs or guards, most carrying on a largely lost academic traditions from before the War of Sword and Wand. Even so they can be found among all races and locations.

Monk: Monks exist, talk to me for details.

Paladin: Paladins are a bit more likely than clerics to not know who grants their spells but otherwise all the notes about clerics apply to paladins.

Ranger: Elven rangers study with the Keepers, all other races would learn their mystical secrets from the local druids.

Rogue: The thieves guild is still active in Melinir and Aberdal, though rogues rise up from all ranks of society and all races.

Sorcerer: The sorcerer class is not used in the campaign.

Warlock: While the strict limitations on extra-planar contact had meant that Warlocks were not an option, they are starting to appear in society now. Talk to me for more details.

Wizard: Most wizards are human, elves with the talent almost always become keepers, and it is a rare choice for dwarves and halflings. Almost all wizards are trained as apprentices by secret masters, and pass their initiation by traveling to mage Island with the mysterious Geoffrey. If that is not your preferred backstory we should talk about what that means. Wizard spell aquisition is different than in the PHB.

Class choices from source other than the players handbook will need to be discussed.

Describe your character: In addition to the recommendations in the basic rules, please look through the relevant files in this wiki, to help place your character within the local environment. Also please consider at least a few sentences describing family, friends, mentors, rivals etc.

Character Creation

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