Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Session 3 - More Fighting and a Formal Dinner

“Hey, before we go down these stairs, I’m just going to take this stuff I picked up and throw it on the pile back by the door.”

Thanks Wizard-guy. Maybe next time just carry your crap with you.

But that’s not what we did. So wizard-guy goes to toss some crap on the pile of crap and it turns out the pile of crap is gone. We all come running to see who stole our stolen stuff and looking around it looks like the automated critters of the place just came through and put everything back, except, oddly, the tapestry, which while still crap, was pretty much the only interesting crap.

So now we have to re-check the rooms, re-steal everything, and re-poke everything with a stick, you know, just to spring any traps we missed the first time. So we got the robot dog and the giant thing of soup, wasps that fly through walls, and we added to that an attacking gong and death rug. After a few hours we finally circle back to where we started, we’ve re-stolen books and shelf nick-nacks, and here we are, where we’d decided we were too tired to go on last time, and we’re about the same level of tired, but at this point we have to go on or admit how dumb going back was.

Downstairs is only the coal room.. Which makes me wonder how the hell they get coal up in the main house if the coal room is down here past the pit trap and the zombies and the angry bowl of soup, but I guess that’s wizards for you. Or maybe just that’s how they do it in the south, I don’t know. Fortunately it all came together when we found the coal was possessed by evil ghosts, because why wouldn’t it be. Me and the raven god had about enough of this crap and I was able to use his power to drive most of the nonsense off. The rest, of course, stayed to smack me in the face, but that seemed to make sense in some way.

Having conquered the coal room I needed some time to heal, but we found a hidden passageway behind a rock or something so everyone pressed on. Still injured, I decided to hold the back of the line and we moved through the dark tunnels. Honestly, I couldn’t see much, the tunnels were narrow and dark, the people with the lights were quite a ways up, but somewhere up there some fighting started.

When I got to where I could see something, there was a split in the tunnel and in both directions I could see the back of someone in our party fighting some other person or creature. At one point the guy on the left said something about going to help somewhere and I was like, “No way man, you stay there and hold that hallway.” In the other direction I placed some protection on the Wizard and we held the whatever they were at bay until the fighters could finish with the other room and work their way back. I remember hearing once about gnomes that specialized in tunnel combat, with custom weapons and styles for the narrow corridors, I thought we needed one of those. Although I guess we got through it fine so it doesn’t matter that much. Maybe over specialization isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

No loot in the hallway, or the zombie room. That’s all it was, a room of zombies. And another hidden door. Dude did not want his stuff found. Still not sure how he got in and out, but he definitely didn’t want company. Which made the sound of voices up ahead all the more unusual.

Past some more hidden doors, we open one door on to another group of.. Adventurers. That’s the name for heavily armed thieves right? We’re adventurers? Whatever, it was another us, but this us was here at the end, in the nice room, presumably where the nicer stuff is. Cheaters. I was going to ask if Sarrah and I could join them as they seemed way better at this stuff than the guys we hooked up with, when they attacked.

It was a close fight. I didn’t see much of it, mostly heard it, and most of that was our guys complaining about how they were dying. They were alive enough to complain, which seemed rude as I could see Sarrah lying where she fell, probably actually dying, and not complaining, or moving, at all. Shutting out their yammering, I brought the Wizard back so he could attack while I pushed forward to Sarrah (I’m assuming it was a close fight, in less than a second or two everyone I could see was on the ground and bleeding, and then it went dark). As I got to Sarrah the other warrior took up a stance over her body and I was pretty much out of tricks I could think of that might move him when suddenly he surrendered.

Not too dead to argue terms, there was some debate from the other room over what he got to keep and take with him after surrendering, I ignored it while tending to Sarrah’s wounds.

Finally entering the room where the rest of the fighting took place, I could see the warrior gathering up his companions, they looked bad but I don’t think any of them died. They had a priest with them dressed all black so I looked him over to see whose god he followed. I didn’t see anything like a prayer book or spell book but he did carry a well crafted mace. Dwarven, someone said. It didn’t shoot lightening bolts or anything as near as I could tell, but it was better than what I had, so I took it and traded him back my mace made of reforged farm tools.

At this point pretty much everyone is wrecked, I nudge Sarrah and suggest she check the rest of these other adventurers for anything valuable and then I flop down on a nearby bed. Because that’s where we are, a big bedroom at the end of the hidden hallway and the hidden zombie room, because where else would you sleep. I’m curious about if there’s anything valuable or useful lying around, but not enough to get up.

It seems the other party had taken a shortcut through the roof and now everyone else wanted to head out that way as well. I’d have been fine just staying here but apparently there was some sort of deadline on returning a decorative sword and hat or something. So that’s what we did, we went up and met with the owner of the house. It looked like someone had robbed the house but no one seemed to want to talk about it so we ignored it. We gave him his fancy sword, which was handy as he was wearing a matching fancy suit. There was to be some sort of fancy dinner that night which we were invited to, but I’m pretty sure I slept through it.



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