Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Session 3 Freya

Oh the joys of the sweet fresh air, the wind dancing through the tree tops and the beautiful sun rising in the sky. How good it was to be outside. With an entourage of ex-slaves, Freya and her comrades made their way to the village of Kleine. Freya’s pixies left the present company, and Axel had disappeared at some point. All rescued folks went about their way as the group wandered into town. A town crier cried out news of raids, thefts and threats. Something was afoot.

After depositing an unreal amount of copper pieces, the group discovered that the town was in danger and that a precious item had been stolen. An important looking man talked with Claire and the others and Freya wandered off browsing the stores. When the evening gathered its shadows, a meeting occurred with a wizard looking wizard man. Very wizard like. He was kind enough to help us figure out the interesting items we found. While he figured that out, Freya redecorated his house. It was way too orderly for her tastes. It turned out he was also accomplished in removing curses, so Petyr and Orha are now safe. Petyr really wanted to wing this werewolf thing though, but she’s glad he changed his mind.

The plan was to help secure the town by going to a far place, but Claire told them a dear mentor of her was missing! Naturally we took a little detour to investigate. Petyr was as happy as a newborn calf thundering across the grasslands, because they came across a little chapel dedicated to his god. The holy man was pretty decked out it armor, and Freya wondered if he was afraid to get hurt. He was a little weird, so they invited him to come along to gain some real world experience. Real charitable of Petyr, Freya thought approvingly.

As they climbed to the ruins where Claire’s mentor was believed to have been, Larry got distracted by tracks going to the graveyard. Besides Freya’s warnings, everyone insisted to go inside a crypt. Knowing a suicide mission when she sees one (‘eyeroll’ ‘deep sigh’ adults…) she took point, in an attempt to keep everyone alive. However, everyone quickly got distracted by a statue on wheels, hiding a trapdoor!

This was when the ghouls came out of the crypts and attacked. Claire fell down a ladder, Larry ran away and Freya followed when her advances were parried. The holy man started casting so at least someone was doing something useful. Petyr had his hands full with ghouls.

As soon as Freya and Larry ran outside to use their ranged weapons more effectively, the holy man turned UNHOLY as he revealed himself evil and locked them out. Or more precisely, locked Petyr and Claire in. Sounds of slaying sounded from within the crypt. When Larry broke open the door, Freya saw Claire and Petyr lying unconscious on the floor. As usual. Knowing the routine by now, Freya engaged as Larry did the real damage giving Petyr and Claire the chance to scrape themselves together. The unholy man was very strong, and it looked pretty hopeless. But when Petyr regained consciousness he threw caution in the wind and dished out some Holy Retribution. This caused the unholy man to flee off a cliff and the ghouls were quickly taken care off.

Feeling as if they were close to his probable but speculative evil lair, they decided to push through the dungeon. Several traps and monsters later Freya was beat up, but even more determined that they were on the right path. Whatever evil was housed there, needed to be taken care off.



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