Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Jarvis's Revelations

I came here looking for answers, but it seems people took notice of me asking questions. More will come. Didn’t find any anyway.

This place is dead, died along time ago, before the Battle of Wizardspire, and I don’t much feel like talking about it.

Kavor was a friend. I got in trouble a long time ago, didn’t know how to get out. Kavor was supposed to be my enemy, but he wasn’t. Made me realize that, and once I did, he helped me get out. Sad to hear of his passing.

Ilyana claims to be the Heir of Halvor. Might be true. Let’s not get into the specifics of that right now. She is totally insane. Working with a dark priest. Plans to conquer the whole rift. Don’t think she could succeed, but it’s hard to say. She was trying to make her case to the Black Knight. I think Old Argyle, however much he wants a proper queen, and would love to put her on the throne himself, has to realize she is too unstable for the job. Might try to prop her up and puppet her I guess, but that really isn’t his style.

She carries a sword, The Sword of Queen Elendorath. Never heard of this Elendorath personally. She is quite persuasive though, at least to the local goblins. A number of chiefs, reluctant as they were going in, came out of meetings with her swearing their loyalty. They aren’t the most organized bunch, and they still seem to fight among themselves, but if their professed loyalty is real, she could prove quite a threat, especially if she keeps meeting with more chieftains. Could be looking at the next great goblin war. The most powerful chieftains luckily have not agreed to meet with her.

Her base of operations is an old keep, Haradraith by name, between the Aven river and the Grakken Wood. She has been leery of attracting the attention of the Lords of the Pit. But it gives her good access the hobgoblins of the Bone Hills, and the human mercenaries she attracts, though I don’t know how she manages to pay.



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