It has been 30 years since the last survivors of Jameson’s Academy stole into Wizardspire and slaughtered all they found there, ending the War of Wand and Sword, and bringing an era of relative peace throughout the Thunder Rift. The tensions that brought these luminary organizations to war is forgotten (perhaps actively), but the protections they offered are very soon to be missed.

Caravans from Hearth Home to Klein are being attacked by organized bands of orcs, will the dwarves put in enough food supplies to make it through a hard winter? Goblins have been spotted creeping out of the abandoned mines in the Melinir hills (along with just about everywhere else anyone thinks to look). The elves are noting dramatically increased activity by the gnoll tribes that control the eastern portions of the Gauntlin Forest. The future looks grim, but the rift’s denizen’s naturally optimistic nature is far from dimmed. But, there are those who believe a darkness is awakening, a darkness not seen since the age of kings. Will you dare step out of it’s shadow.

*Legacy of Zanzer Tem is a D&D campaign for 5th edition. It is meant to be only a teeny little bit cheesy with some nods to classic styling. Using the Thunder rift materials from TSR and the great work at, along, of course, with lots of original materials. *