I am trying to not be too weird in terms of d&d pricing, but every once in a while I can’t help myself.

Paper costs 1 sp per folio (8 leafs in a journal sized book) Currently paper manufacturing is largely out of commision, so prices are high enough that most people are avoiding it’s use (3 sp a folio currently) though once the paper mill is back in order prices will stabilize relatively quickly.

Parchment is usually thought of as worse than paper (though people have their own preferences). It normally costs 2 sp a folio (same size as paper). Under the current demand situation it is not uncommon to see parchment going for 2 and 2 or even 2 and 5 (22 and 25 copper respectively).

While serious bookwrtiting is generally better done pre-binding, prebound blank books come in a reasonable number of sizes, typically it costs ~5 silver to bind a paper books, and 25 silver to bind a parchment one.

Common blank books:
Small paper journal (64 pages, 4 folios, 7.5×6): 1gp (2-3 gp in current demand)
Large paper journal (256 pages, 16 folios, 7.5×6): 2 gp (4-6 go in current demand)
Medium parchment tome (480 pages, 60 folios, 12×7.5): 15gp
Large parchment tome (480 pages, 120 folios, 15×12.5): 25gp

Keelboat (60×15×6): 200 gp. (Wow the price of is way off). These are the largest common boats in the rift, 25 tons.
Barge (30×10×5): 85 gp The most common freight riverboat 10 tons.
Rowboat (15×7×4): 35 gp 1.5 ton.
Small rowboat (2-3 person 10×4×3): 15gp. half ton.

As a general rule you can add a sail to a boat for about 25% cost (so rounded to 50, 20, 10, and not available on the small rowboat, people rarely bother with this for actual riverboats, though lake boats almost always have it).


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