Background (Rhona)


Outlander (Forester)
- Skills: Animal Handling, Survival
- Tools: Herbalism Kit
- Languages: Sylvan
- Feature: Wanderer

- Ideal: Greater Good. It is each person’s responsibility to make the most happiness for the whole tribe. (Good)
- Bond: I suffer awful visions of a coming disaster and will do anything to prevent it.
- Flaw: There’s no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest.
- Personality Traits: (1) I watch over my friends as if they were a litter of newborn pubs. (2) I have a lesson for every situation, drawn from observing nature.

Oath of the Ancients
This oath emphasizes the principles of good above any concerns of law or chaos.
- Kindle the Light: Through your acts of mercy, kindness, and forgiveness, kindle the light of hope in the world, beating back despair.
- Shelter the Light: Where there is good, beauty, love, and laughter in the world, stand against the wickedness that would swallow it. Where life flourishes, stand against the forces that wound render it barren
- Preserve the Light: Delight in song and laughter, in beauty and art. If you allow the light to die in your own heart, you can’t preserve it in the world.
- Be the Light: Be a glorious beacon for all who live in despair. Let the light of your joy and courage shine forth in all your deeds.


2be2707473ac96de629bfe86622f55b1.jpgSomewhere, deep in the Brichtwood, my father’s sword protrudes from a mossy stone.

I came here long ago with the rest of Gardenelle’s Fiann. We were on the run from some long-forgotten foes. The Circle of Sylvan Splendor took us in and gave us a home in their druidic paradise. We became servants of the Unicorn Lord, Bran ap Seamus, called the Splendor in the Forest-Gold and called the Master of White Cairn.

But we had to leave our weapons outside, in the dying world.

Gardenelle was our leader in those days. We were a bloody band. I never liked the name the “Savage Six.” But it fit. With blade and blood, we gained much fame. By the time our fortunes turned and we were on the run, we had no hope of anonymity in any town in the north. So it was that we came to the Brichtwood, with danger riding up fast behind us and little other recourse before us. We had to accept their terms.

And their terms required peace.

I was the only one of the six that stayed. The others could not long abide a peaceful life. I lived more than a lifetime in that ageless land, until the Unicorn Lord’s dream demanded I return and fight evil. When I finally walked out of the Forest-Gold, my companions had departed long before. The rest of Gardenelle’s Fiann must have taken their own weapons as they went because I found my father’s sword all alone in the dying world.

Alone like I was.

I could not bear to draw forth the sword. When I touched it, I wept for all the blood her razor edge had let flow, and for all the blood it promised to unleash in the days and nights to come. Zemya preserve, a mighty garden would have grown in her name, dry soil wetted by the bloody work the Unicorn Lord demands.

I left the sword behind.

It is not a promise to spill no blood, but I was not ready to think of myself in those terms. I would temper justice with mercy. I would love life and wine and all my neighbors. I took the Satyr’s horn to blow a warning for my foes. I will tell them of my coming, not so they might fear, but so they might have a chance to go in peace.

Background (Rhona)

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