Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Freya, Knight of Justice!

This swamp is just awful. I thought it was going to be a swamp from the stories the elders told me about, but this is not it at all! Where is the green vibrant shrubbery, and the scaly big lizards catching fish? Not here, that’s for sure. Apparently this landscape of toxic desolation is a remnant from some old long ago war, or something. I think that’s what mr. Elf said.

We were absolutely going to trek through the entire thing, until someone actually looked at sir Keegans map and saw we could skirt around it. I had to stable Silverwind and Shadow Dance again, and I feel awful about that. The day where I can run with them across the plains will be glorious and make it all worth it.

So we left sketchy town and made good time when we encountered a very suspicious group. Oh did I mention Petyr picked up a girl? I think she’s trying to get into his pants but he’s oblivious. Whatever, I’m not going to interfere in the business of proper adults. But yeah, we saw this cart with gross undead donkeys and ghouls and other dangerous stuff. And the woman was all about taking them down.

Of course I was like, yeah guys let’s go okay? I don’t wanna die today.

But do they listen? Noooo, as always. “I don’t like this”, “we have to slay these unnatural creatures”, “I want their harp”. While we are discussing, mr. Elf informs us they have somehow sensed our presence. I think he and his owl are tight and they talk. I tried the same once with a baby bison, but my brother killed him and made me eat him. It was pretty awful. Please don’t eat your owl mr. Elf.

Anyway, it was decided, stand and fight. So I do, you know? I do what eveeeryone wanted. And what happens? WHAT HAPPENS? All the men run away. RUN AWAY. Claire, new woman and I are left standing to fight. Petyr just dipped, and mr. Elf kept running from a flying skull, flinging spells. We stood and fought, and I actually lost consciousness at some point. Then finally Petyr came crashing from the ground like a mole and mr. Elf took down some major threats.

Naturally we looted all they had and now the undead swamp mules were working for us everyone was suddenly fine with undead things.

Finally we are here, at the old Temple of the Knights. The one sir. Keegan spoke of. It has some cool fountains. These ghosts talked to me, and I had no clue was I was supposed to say, but I skated by. Then I ran past some mushrooms and called dibs on the fountain of Justice. It’s actually a cause I truly stand for, and I am proud to have gained the blessing. I will not betray it. I don’t think I’ll ever be good enough to be a proper knight, but is probably as good as it gets.

Swamp, death, and stink

Grandfather, I hope this letter finds you well and Mishka have a good travel.

To say that strange things keep happening is truly unnecessary. Gloomfens is a terrible place, and I can say I’ve seen with my own eyes. The air is toxic and the negative energy favours its habitants. Undead creatures everywhere. We fought bravely against them and the humans that created them. We then decided to march on, seeking the knight’s blessed fountains so we could swear under one of the four paths: honour, valor, justice, or generosity. It was clear to all of us Freya’s righteous heart would go for justice, and Petyr’s bravery would led him to valor. I’m curious to see what Clair is going to choose, we can definitely see her liberality in giving and our bets are on generosity. I find myself between few of the options, but I still have so many years ahead and I will need my true freedom to follow my path. I already serve the cult and I have Ixion’s bless.

I was able to obtain the item I sent to you find, along with my friends I am heading back home. I hope we can host them with dignity, without them nothing would have been recovered. Another thing I have to tell you, maybe you and dad won’t appreciate but I will be going to the tournament.

See you soon

Elward Mithlenthar

Notes from Lorea's Journal: In which we Split the Party

For future note, in addition to not letting the halfling taunt dragons, if, in the future, we ever feel the need to split the group up while in the midst of a dungeon, that split should NOT be myself and the Cleric in one group, and the Thief, Wizard, and Halfling in the other. In fact, the best plan may be that the Wizard and the Halfling are never allowed in the same split.

After they convinced the elf they wanted to negotiate, and followed her toward her mistress, the Halfling apparently stabbed her in the back. From what I understand, they killed two elves and a giant spider or two. I am not really certain because though they did not actually get very far away from us, I spent the time killing bugbears – lots and lots of bugbears.

Once we were through that, we went back to the room the elven leader had been in. It apparently had an extra special version of the special stones that let wizards learn new spells. Unfortunately for our wizard, the thief decided ti climb a statue to pull the gems out of it’s eyes, and as soon as he did that, the room collapsed. It was all we could do to make it out alive, and the wizard lost his chance to study at that stone. Worst part is, the gems were not even gems, just bits of colored glass.

I do believe we are done here, except for going back to the other special stone and letting the wizard do a ritual there in order to learn something new.

I will not be sorry to leave this place, though I suppose that I cannot complain about the improvement to my weapon. I really did kill a lot of bug bears.

The search for the Amber Eye of Traldar

I was once told about the powerful artifacts once created by an advanced but old civilization. The Hutaakans were deeply steeped in magic, I heard from my grandfather Volodar and from Geoffrey few things about them, including how dangerous these items can be.

Close to my birthday, when I was around 8 years old after another resurgence of the goblins Geoffrey decided to divide some of these artifacts between the Quadrial races. Geoffrey guided me into the mystical magic island when I became a wizard. I hold him in high respect not only because Volodar regarded Geoffrey decision as a wise one, but also because it was after the war of sword and wand.

Before I found my new friends the Amber Eye of Traldar was stolen from the Dwarves. My grampa then sent me a letter telling the location of an ancient Hutaakan tapestry, that would allow me to track Traldar’s eye. I now possess the tapestry and fear the worse, I have to keep my eyes open. I find likely that the Iron Ring has the artifact, reason enough to worry considering they operate in the shadows and when you less expect.

Ixion has always guided me and after many years alone led me to this group of people, who certainly were always part of my destiny. We are close to tracking it down, and I’m sure Geoffrey and my grandfather are counting on me. I need to learn how to use the tapestry and hopefully make my friends understand how important this is to everyone.

After all, retrieving the Eye won’t be an easy task.

Notes from Lorea's Journal: In which we Wander

My weapon survived the process of making it magic, and the magic seems even to be useful, which is not always the case, so I am grateful for that.

We have spent most of our time wandering. We did go back to the first Undead we had dealt with and received our payment from him – two books. One of those books has a map (I think) that the Wizard is very interested in. We also permanently laid to rest some more undead, and found an actual forge. Our Cleric is very interested in the forge, and seems to have hopes of getting it working again. And since it feels like we will be stuck in these ruins forever, I guess that may not be the worst idea.

But mostly, we have wandered. We came back the way we came in, because we cannot leave any passage unexplored. We must investigate every hallway, every cave in, etc. I blame Halfling and Wizard curiosity.

Though I must admit our current situation is my fault. We found an underground lake, and saw that it has a passage out of the room we were in. There was much discussion of coming back to investigate said passage, and I made the less than brilliant comment that we would not be coming back, so if they wanted to explore it, we should explore it now.

And so here I am, walking in full plate, through waist deep water, in a passage that is not tall enough for me to stand up in, so I must crouch. My fault.

How Many Days?
Sessions since last concussion: 1

Dear Diary,

It’s been a long time, friend. Had I known you were so lonely in my pack, I surely would have passed you on to a more needy soul. Yes, a filthy street child seeking a role model. Better, a lost wretch battling the devil of alcoholism (and perhaps actual devils)… someone in need of some real wisdom. The Kohlorian Brotherhood have so much to teach. It takes a man like me to dispense that kind of wisdom.

I apologize for my long absence. It’s not you, it’s me. You must understand my struggle. I’ve been on the road, showing people the ways of Petra. For how long I do not know. I’ve only been able to put this together from the scars on my body – diary, they really make me more attractive – but it seems my brain box has been rattled everyday for many months. I can’t imagine how many healing potions I’ve imbibed! That must explain the pink urine. Suffice to say, my memory is discombobulated. It seems yesterday was the first day that I wasn’t knocked since my journey started. In fact, it’s only today that I put together my friend Orah was slain in the siege of… well, I can’t recall. The woe of an amnesiac. I wept alone. Orah never matched me in battle but now I’ll never know just how far he was from my level. Pity. Apparently, Larry was killed too but that guy had it coming or I would’ve done it myself.

I hope to be able to write in you for many days to come. Let’s pray that I do not get knocked down again by another cheap shot, for I might forget you altogether.


[Petyr finishes writing his journal by the campfire and accidentally leaves it open the near pillow of the pretty cleric his party came across last session].

Claire's Summary

Everything has being a blur since Larry’s death. I miss him so much but life goes on and he wouldn’t want me to stop.

We are following a map and looking for treasures. However, the only thing we found was misfortune. I enjoyed our exploration into the tombs, it kept my mind distracted. There were these old symbols that I was able to recognize, it felt good to exercised my memory studying them. Also, there is a new member in our group, a friendly mage that has been helping us. Seems like he is looking for some magic tapestry, a powerful item that will help him find the eye stolen from the dwarves.

After the tombs, I would like to visit Edgewater. I would be nice to be in friendly place after all what happened. I think the library would be very helpful for us at. I could search more about this magic sword and the tombs we visited. However, my friends decided to go to Aberdal few weeks ago. So many memories. I could feel Larry on my side, I really miss his company…

Notes from Lorea's Journal: In which we deal with Undead

Are we in a tomb? The number of undead would seem to indicate we are, but somehow, I remember it being described as ruins, ruins of an old dwarven stronghold, where they made magical weapons.

And magic definitely is in this place. We very quickly came across one of those stones from which a wizard can learn new magic, and have just now re-forged my weapon into a magic weapon, mostly because no one else had a weapon of high enough quality to withstand the process.

But before we got here, to remaking my weapon, we first had to deal with undead.

The first undead we met here, we actually made a deal with. I am not certain that was a good idea, and suspect that before we leave, we will need to remove him from this place permanently. We did agree to remove his rival, and that we did.

Vanya be praised, as without her help, the swarm of undead might have overwhelmed us, but we were able to defeat them, over two fights, fighting one particular skull twice, as he was “reborn” from the forge.

But, defeat those undead we did. And the forge instantly drew the wizard’s attention, along with the idea of making my weapon.

We shall see how that works.

Elward - Hutaakan crypt
Wizard notes

The tapestry is secure with me, generosity of his previous owner. We helped the poor victims of Kor Bloodaxe, can’t really deny my surprise reading through his notes. I finally had a chance to have a glimpse of understanding of the orc twisted mind. The darkness was coming from inside, clouding his sight and comprehension. He said peace was in death, I hope he’s found it.

My new friends proved to be good people and I am enjoying my time with them. I joined their quest and ended up in a Hatuukan magical crypt, located in a different timeline a very long time ago. Once I was a fool that doubted my fate and the plan He has for me, but even though I diverged from my search for the Amber Eye of Traldar I was still involved with old Hatuukan magic. I used the opportunity to take notes of everything I could, learn more about the interesting folks who created the thing I’m dealing with. Lastly I found a runestone which I had to study in a rush, Peter and Freya were dying of an ancient curse and the stone might have had the answer. Unfortunately it did not have the answer and we had to rush to the closest city.

We were back to Klein and a powerful wizard they knew were able to save them, in exchange of gold. I found a very interesting city before me, gnomes are wonderful and energetic creatures. I heard rumours about an observatory that once belonged to a wizard, but is now haunted. Perhaps I could visit the place and have my eyes on it…

Notes from Lorea's Journal: In which we meet a Dragon

Note to self: Do not taunt the dragon.

Second note to self: When the halfling starts taunting the dragon, do not join her. Instead, pick her up and carry her away.

Third note to self: Carrying around this many diamonds is a bad idea.


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