Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Notes from Lorea's Journal: In which we Wander

My weapon survived the process of making it magic, and the magic seems even to be useful, which is not always the case, so I am grateful for that.

We have spent most of our time wandering. We did go back to the first Undead we had dealt with and received our payment from him – two books. One of those books has a map (I think) that the Wizard is very interested in. We also permanently laid to rest some more undead, and found an actual forge. Our Cleric is very interested in the forge, and seems to have hopes of getting it working again. And since it feels like we will be stuck in these ruins forever, I guess that may not be the worst idea.

But mostly, we have wandered. We came back the way we came in, because we cannot leave any passage unexplored. We must investigate every hallway, every cave in, etc. I blame Halfling and Wizard curiosity.

Though I must admit our current situation is my fault. We found an underground lake, and saw that it has a passage out of the room we were in. There was much discussion of coming back to investigate said passage, and I made the less than brilliant comment that we would not be coming back, so if they wanted to explore it, we should explore it now.

And so here I am, walking in full plate, through waist deep water, in a passage that is not tall enough for me to stand up in, so I must crouch. My fault.

How Many Days?
Sessions since last concussion: 1

Dear Diary,

It’s been a long time, friend. Had I known you were so lonely in my pack, I surely would have passed you on to a more needy soul. Yes, a filthy street child seeking a role model. Better, a lost wretch battling the devil of alcoholism (and perhaps actual devils)… someone in need of some real wisdom. The Kohlorian Brotherhood have so much to teach. It takes a man like me to dispense that kind of wisdom.

I apologize for my long absence. It’s not you, it’s me. You must understand my struggle. I’ve been on the road, showing people the ways of Petra. For how long I do not know. I’ve only been able to put this together from the scars on my body – diary, they really make me more attractive – but it seems my brain box has been rattled everyday for many months. I can’t imagine how many healing potions I’ve imbibed! That must explain the pink urine. Suffice to say, my memory is discombobulated. It seems yesterday was the first day that I wasn’t knocked since my journey started. In fact, it’s only today that I put together my friend Orah was slain in the siege of… well, I can’t recall. The woe of an amnesiac. I wept alone. Orah never matched me in battle but now I’ll never know just how far he was from my level. Pity. Apparently, Larry was killed too but that guy had it coming or I would’ve done it myself.

I hope to be able to write in you for many days to come. Let’s pray that I do not get knocked down again by another cheap shot, for I might forget you altogether.


[Petyr finishes writing his journal by the campfire and accidentally leaves it open the near pillow of the pretty cleric his party came across last session].

Claire's Summary

Everything has being a blur since Larry’s death. I miss him so much but life goes on and he wouldn’t want me to stop.

We are following a map and looking for treasures. However, the only thing we found was misfortune. I enjoyed our exploration into the tombs, it kept my mind distracted. There were these old symbols that I was able to recognize, it felt good to exercised my memory studying them. Also, there is a new member in our group, a friendly mage that has been helping us. Seems like he is looking for some magic tapestry, a powerful item that will help him find the eye stolen from the dwarves.

After the tombs, I would like to visit Edgewater. I would be nice to be in friendly place after all what happened. I think the library would be very helpful for us at. I could search more about this magic sword and the tombs we visited. However, my friends decided to go to Aberdal few weeks ago. So many memories. I could feel Larry on my side, I really miss his company…

Notes from Lorea's Journal: In which we deal with Undead

Are we in a tomb? The number of undead would seem to indicate we are, but somehow, I remember it being described as ruins, ruins of an old dwarven stronghold, where they made magical weapons.

And magic definitely is in this place. We very quickly came across one of those stones from which a wizard can learn new magic, and have just now re-forged my weapon into a magic weapon, mostly because no one else had a weapon of high enough quality to withstand the process.

But before we got here, to remaking my weapon, we first had to deal with undead.

The first undead we met here, we actually made a deal with. I am not certain that was a good idea, and suspect that before we leave, we will need to remove him from this place permanently. We did agree to remove his rival, and that we did.

Vanya be praised, as without her help, the swarm of undead might have overwhelmed us, but we were able to defeat them, over two fights, fighting one particular skull twice, as he was “reborn” from the forge.

But, defeat those undead we did. And the forge instantly drew the wizard’s attention, along with the idea of making my weapon.

We shall see how that works.

Elward - Hutaakan crypt
Wizard notes

The tapestry is secure with me, generosity of his previous owner. We helped the poor victims of Kor Bloodaxe, can’t really deny my surprise reading through his notes. I finally had a chance to have a glimpse of understanding of the orc twisted mind. The darkness was coming from inside, clouding his sight and comprehension. He said peace was in death, I hope he’s found it.

My new friends proved to be good people and I am enjoying my time with them. I joined their quest and ended up in a Hatuukan magical crypt, located in a different timeline a very long time ago. Once I was a fool that doubted my fate and the plan He has for me, but even though I diverged from my search for the Amber Eye of Traldar I was still involved with old Hatuukan magic. I used the opportunity to take notes of everything I could, learn more about the interesting folks who created the thing I’m dealing with. Lastly I found a runestone which I had to study in a rush, Peter and Freya were dying of an ancient curse and the stone might have had the answer. Unfortunately it did not have the answer and we had to rush to the closest city.

We were back to Klein and a powerful wizard they knew were able to save them, in exchange of gold. I found a very interesting city before me, gnomes are wonderful and energetic creatures. I heard rumours about an observatory that once belonged to a wizard, but is now haunted. Perhaps I could visit the place and have my eyes on it…

Notes from Lorea's Journal: In which we meet a Dragon

Note to self: Do not taunt the dragon.

Second note to self: When the halfling starts taunting the dragon, do not join her. Instead, pick her up and carry her away.

Third note to self: Carrying around this many diamonds is a bad idea.

Jarvis's Revelations

I came here looking for answers, but it seems people took notice of me asking questions. More will come. Didn’t find any anyway.

This place is dead, died along time ago, before the Battle of Wizardspire, and I don’t much feel like talking about it.

Kavor was a friend. I got in trouble a long time ago, didn’t know how to get out. Kavor was supposed to be my enemy, but he wasn’t. Made me realize that, and once I did, he helped me get out. Sad to hear of his passing.

Ilyana claims to be the Heir of Halvor. Might be true. Let’s not get into the specifics of that right now. She is totally insane. Working with a dark priest. Plans to conquer the whole rift. Don’t think she could succeed, but it’s hard to say. She was trying to make her case to the Black Knight. I think Old Argyle, however much he wants a proper queen, and would love to put her on the throne himself, has to realize she is too unstable for the job. Might try to prop her up and puppet her I guess, but that really isn’t his style.

She carries a sword, The Sword of Queen Elendorath. Never heard of this Elendorath personally. She is quite persuasive though, at least to the local goblins. A number of chiefs, reluctant as they were going in, came out of meetings with her swearing their loyalty. They aren’t the most organized bunch, and they still seem to fight among themselves, but if their professed loyalty is real, she could prove quite a threat, especially if she keeps meeting with more chieftains. Could be looking at the next great goblin war. The most powerful chieftains luckily have not agreed to meet with her.

Her base of operations is an old keep, Haradraith by name, between the Aven river and the Grakken Wood. She has been leery of attracting the attention of the Lords of the Pit. But it gives her good access the hobgoblins of the Bone Hills, and the human mercenaries she attracts, though I don’t know how she manages to pay.

Elward - Wizard notes
Volodar's letter

It was time to leave Valdemar Lightoak, I can’t put into words how thankful I am. My time in the Order of the Rose taught me many things, I can say I have achieved balanced between my wizardry studies and my devotion to the Cult of Ixion.
My grampa sent me a letter, I was expecting my family was trying to summon me back. However, Volodar surprised me telling one of the dangerous artifact crafted a long time ago by the Hutaaka, that was being kept safe by the dwarves, was stolen recently.
Grampa told me how to track down the artifact, but in order to do that I need one of the magical Hutaaka tapestries.
I thought this would drive me away from my quest to find the source of darkness that would emerge in the Rift, but then Ixion provided me insight to a near bloodshed. I had visions of tons of people dying. The farmsteads where filled with despair, and the sight of my figure seemed to be a relief to a human called Stephan.
Stephan was grouped with survivors and told me he would hire me to help save his brother, he showed me respect and his eyes showed me desperation, I accepted the offer but I know deep in my mind that I wouldn’t be able to charge them for money, so much had happened to them at this point and doing that would be against my principles.
When we reached his brother’s facilities, a group of heroes were the reason of why they were still alive, and joining our forces together we were able to defeat the King which were holding them under a siege.
Sorrow filled the room when I was introduced to Freya, Clair, and Peter and figured they had just lost one of their members. I thought about asking Ixion to bring him back to life, but too much time had passed and it was beyond my powers to do it. I’m pretty sure our fate is not coincidence, if wasn’t by them the King would probably be in possession of the tapestry I was looking for.
We finally got rest, and the sun shall clear our way tomorrow…

Notes from Lorea's Journal: In which we meet Zanzer Tem

After rescuing my cousin, Sir Tristram, and one of the missing families from the cellars below the manor house (and killing a zombie beholder on the way out), we rested for a few days in town. On the urging of Sir Danika, Knight of Torlynn, we went northeast to check out the area of the purple lights that occurred during the eclipse.
We reached a giant cliff, and along the trail to the top, we came across a large encampment, and a sorcerer named Zanzer Tem. There in the cliff was a tomb of a great magician. Zanzer Tem is seeking a great artifact in the tomb that will drain the magic from this place. She believes that if that artifact is not found this night, the world will end.
Naturally, we entered the tomb, with Zanzer Tem, but not with any of her army. (I am not really certain why they are here, but if the world ends, it will not really matter, I guess.)
Inside the tomb was a statue of the sorcerer, in a octagonal room, with 8 passages off of it (7 in addition to the secret door we entered from). When we first attempted to go down a passage, the statue turned and shot magic missiles at us. But then we noticed that the two wands the statue was holding could be removed and that there were circular holes in the floor at the base of the statue. We were able to lock it in place facing the door we had entered by and safely go down the tunnels.
The first tunnel we entered led to a frozen tableau of a great fight (that included a magic axe being wielded by one of the greatest Dwarven heroes) seemingly frozen in time.
There are only three other passages that seem noteworthy. One of them had a coffin making workshop, the room for the coffin maker, and at the end, a room for examining the dead. It also held some of the dead who rose up and attacked us – twice. Based on notes found in the coffin makers room, we knew to look in another door after the room with the zombies (and to secure the door open before doing so).
Another passage included graves of more undead who rose up to fight us (and nearly killed us). After getting past them, we found a dining room with table and 10 chairs. 8 of the chairs had symbols carved in the backs. 6 of those symbols matched rune necklaces we had taken off the last zombies we had fought. We ran back to the two in the room for examining the dead, and found the other two.
Sadly, they did nothing.
Somewhere in here, Zanzer Tem seemed to believe that we had found a workshop for creating a lich, but that the great sorcerer for whom the tomb was built was not a lich. We found his wife’s burial chamber, as well, but she did not seem to be a lich.
We believe we need one more rune necklace, perhaps from the sorcerer himself. By this time, there was only one passage we had not fully explored. It had two gargoyles about half way down and a message written overhead about entering certain death. Naturally the Halfling and I went through there. That caused the gargoyles to secrete some sort of acid which destroyed the boots of my armor, and the dagger with which I scraped it off.
We have determined that elemental forces are needed to get rid of the acid, and our mage is currently busy freezing it bit by bit. Once he is done we will proceed further down the corridor – hopefully finding the artifact Zanzer Tem needs in order to prevent the end of the world.

Fighting note: I seem to have fully adjusted to my change in stance and grip, and, while nearly dying, have done better at inflicting damage against the undead we have been facing.

A mistaken quest

While floating down the river, my friends note smoke coming from a little ahead. Being the heroes that they are, they decide to go check it out. As I approache I notice a homestead burning. Such was the distraction that a whole lot of goblins managed to ambush us. We are severely outnumbered and they all seem uncharacteristically determined to exterminate us.

As we slay most of these puny monsters, people from the burning homestead warn us from impending danger. A whole army approaches through the forest! I ask the spirit of my ring to aid us and my request is granted. While the army is slowed down we flee into the homestead where we defeat the current invaders.

I am most worried about this turn of events. Locked up in a building, with the enemies swarming around us I feel antsy. I stand on the roof for relief, and immediately arrows fly past my face. Larry and I quickly take care of the archers, but it does not improve my mood.

There seem to be different factions of monsters, but only the Monolith knows what is actually going on. I feel like if I could talk to the leaders we might escape unharmed, but these negative nancies who live here claim I would not make it.

My strategy proposal has been slammed down by an old hag who can cast some magic. Apparently “forest fires” are a thing. Well, if it kills the entire evil army, who cares!?

While I am writing this I try not to think of the most recent battle. I almost died and I do not think Orah will ever be the same. Do I truely want to risk my life for these strangers? What good am I to the world dead? I wish I had paid more attention to strategy and sieges when Accolon spoke of these things.

I contemplate fleeing, but I haven’t made up my mind yet. One thing is for sure, I’m going to put myself first and stay alive.


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