Legacy of Zanzer Tem

From Lorea's Journal: On the Continuing Search for my Cousin, Sir Tristram

In returning to the town of Torlynn, we found the one negative side ending this magical winter. The warming weather was slowly melting the ice on the river. The ferry could not yet cross the river, but it was uncertain if the ice would hold the rest of us crossing. Thanks to the use of a floating disc and a miniaturize spell, both courtesy of the Wizard, the entire party, including our injured elven companions, was able to make it safely across the river and into town.
Having spent only enough time in Torlynn previously to discover that my cousin Sir Tristram was not there, I had not realized that in addition to being stuck in a magical winter, the town had been beset by a bunch of brigands, called Red Brands. A group of these men met us at the tavern and tried to insist that our hard won treasures belonged to them. They acted tough, but apparently are not used to having dealings with those who are capable of standing up to them, and it took only a few words for them to back down.
Torlynn also seems to be in the middle of a political crisis with two men claiming, or perhaps just vying for, the position of Mayor. My companions appear to prefer the challenger, and wish to show their support to this person, though without coming right out and making a political endorsement.
Oddly enough, the entrenched Mayor is my cousin’s Uncle, though no relation to me. He, nor anyone else we spoke to, seemed to have a good idea where Sir Tristram had gotten off to. Best guesses involved the Red Brands and a local family who disappeared the night before my cousin did.
As so often happens, if one is willing to listen to them, our best lead came from children. A Halfling boy had reported to his friends that he had seen Red Brands disappearing in a cave just outside of town. We were able to visit the family and get more details from the lad. We followed his direction and found the cave, which happened to be a secret passage into the cellars of a local manor house.
We have yet to see any Red Brands in here, but we have fought gnolls, and taken a goblin prisoner. The fight was difficult and many of us went down, myself included. Luckily, there are enough potions and skilled healers among my new companions that none of us were lost, and in the end, we prevailed.
Following the directions of the goblin, we found what appeared to be a wizard’s laboratory. This is not the local, recently deceased wizard, but apparently one that is alive and causing trouble. Our own wizard seemed to believe that we had missed catching him in his laboratory by just moments and was eager to follow quickly behind – though not so quickly that he did not search the laboratory and office for magical items first.
We did follow the path our wizard believed the other wizard took, and made it to a room with yet more undead. I am beginning to wonder if this wizard we are following is perhaps a necromancer, or if there is something about this region that just makes raising the undead seem practical, as we seem to fight the fiends more regularly than anything else.
So far, we have not caught up to this evil wizard. The goblin was not happy about following us into his rooms, and has also warned us of some monster in the ravine that separates the cave from the cellars. For now, we are holed up resting in a room before we set back out on the path of this wizard.

Fighting Note: It seemed at first that I might have correct my power problem in using the glaive, but I apparently did so at the expense of accuracy. I performed poorly enough in the fight against the gnolls that the Halfling made comments about needing to train me. (I deserved them.)
I think the issue may be that I have spent so much time fighting on my own or in formation with similarly trained knights, that I am feeling out of my element in fighting with a group of more loosely disciplined companions. I must remember my training, and to use all of my abilities, and find my stance among this group.

From Lorea's Journal: On Finding New Companions

Having taken the Aven River north to Melinir, I decided to make my way to the town of Torlynn, in order to make the acquaintance of my cousin Tristram, a knight of Torlynn. While asking about the best road to travel between the two, I learned that a magical winter had taken over Torlynn and the lands surrounding it, and that a group of the Elven Guard from Melinir had gone missing in the area.
When I reached the blizzard encased town of Torlynn, I learned that my cousin was also missing. He disappeared around the same time as the Elven Guard. Knowing what I do about him, it made sense to me that he might have gone to assist the Elven Guard in their quest to end the magical winter, and so I headed out to the area where they were last seen.
While pondering the best entrance to the Wizard’s Hunting Lodge, I came across a small group of adventurers. They had come outside to rest in relative safety (if in the cold) before going back into the lodge. They also appeared to be searching for the cause of this winter. It seemed they could use help from one such as I, and it was certainly the smarter decision on my part to explore these caverns in company.
We went inside and almost instantly ran into the undead. I was able to send some of them away, so that they could not all stack up on us at once. The Halfling of the group is a bit of a loose cannon, but she knows how to fight.
The Wizard seems addicted to finding magic items (at any cost), and the Rogue willing to take the chances needed to aid said Wizard. (The Halfling smartly stands some ways away from those two when they are searching.) There were more undead. And there were magic items, including a shield of Halav, which I suspect may be THE shield of Halav.
While searching a destroyed ballroom for yet another magic item, the Wizard “discovered” a gelatinous cube. In fighting it, the Druid (who, along with the Cleric, was mostly a quiet companion) turned into a bear. And the Wizard, in his craziness, decided to make the bear even larger. For the record, gelatinous cubes are incapable of fear, and therefore, an extra-large bear does not scare them. But, it was still defeated, and the Wizard found the scroll he was looking for.
As we fought out way through the lodge (after making numerous detours for even more magic items the Wizard sensed), we eventually came to the room from which the cold seemed to be emanating. The floor was covered in ice, making movement difficult. Inside were some Rat-Weres, including one who very much seemed a leader. He made a standard evil despot speech about a magic sword (encased in a throne of ice) coming into his keeping, so that he could make this area of the world more habitable for his people.
While I respect conquest, it was easy to tell from the demeanor of the few other of his people in the room that this man was not a leader, but a tyrant. In addition, I must always stand on the side of the humans against the creatures who would yoke them. I entered the room, heading straight for this “leader”.
My first hit against him did nearly nothing, and I realized that I needed the help of Vanya. I took the risk of standing vulnerable in front of him while I prayed for her blessing on my weapon. With her blessing, it took only a few hits to take the creature down. And once he was down, the other Rat-Weres quickly surrendered.
The sword remained frozen in the thrown of ice, but it’s hilt was sticking out. After making sure my new companions were far enough away to not be hit by exploding bits of ice, I grabbed the hilt with the intent of pulling the sword free.
Unfortunately, this was not actually a throne of ice, but an ice golem, which became quite agitated by my attempt. I had been more damaged in our previous fights than I cared to admit, and fell unconscious shortly after.
I awoke to the Rogue reviving me, for which I was thankful. I took a moment to assess the situation and ask the Goddess to restore me enough to return to battle. Simply being near the golem was painful, but it was necessary. The Druid (still in bear form) had entered the room, preventing the golem from leaving. But the Halfling, brave, if reckless, thing that she is, had also gone down. I knew that I needed to reach her and move her away from the golem.
Because of my focus on the Halfling, I missed what actually brought down the golem. It could have been the Rogue. It could have been the Wizard. It could have been the Cleric. It was likely the Druid/Bear (now back at regular bear size). But I do not remember for certain. (Which is a failing on my part. I should be more aware of the battlefield at all times.)
I was able to bring the Halfling back to consciousness.
The ice golem was down, but the sword was now even less accessible than it had been before. It was encased in ice, frozen to the floor. We could not recover it.
While we were all in very rough shape, there was one more door off the frozen room, and no sense of danger. We opened the door and found the Melinir Elven Guard, frozen in solid blocks of ice. My cousin was not among them. We thought them dead, but could not leave them like this. Between the Wizard and Cleric (and maybe some actual fire), we were able to thaw them.
It turned out they were not actually dead, and unfreezing them brought them back to consciousness. Their leader asked if we had seen his sword, and described the one frozen to the ground in the other room. It turns out the sword is the artifact of winter, and his ancestral weapon. He was able to reclaim it.

As I write this, we are once again outside. It would appear the winter may be ending. It is not suddenly summer, but the blizzard seems to have died down, and the temperature is rising.
The Druid is leaving the group, now that natural balance will be restored, and they are busy negotiating for his share of the items that have been found.
I know that I should be involved in this negotiation, too. But none of the magic items that we found on this day speak to me. Even if I could (or would want) to use the Shield of Halav, I do not fight with a shield. However, I did notice that they are carting around a full set of plate. Maybe I will negotiate for that.
But, truly, the thing I will ask for is their help in finding my cousin. Having spent these many months traveling alone, fighting with companions again made me realize how much I miss it. They are not organized troops by any means, nor would I expect to turn them into such, but having companions is good for one’s soul. Having no one but oneself to care about is the surest path to tyranny.

Fighting note: I recently made a slight change to my fighting stance for better stability. This change has apparently made it so that I put more power into the back swing of my glaive than the primary swing. I must make a change to my grip in order to put the momentum back in the primary swing where it will be most effective.

Orah's Journal
Session 12-15
  • Fought skeleton horses.
  • Made quick work of them. They were no match for my ax
  • We found a room. This room had two black pearls, some things in a chest, and a human named Tory.
  • The monk man and I took the pearls
  • The Magic lady and this Tory seem to be friends
  • There was talk about a resurrection of a dead goblin, and a mention of Zgakx, father of the dark fur.
  • Ktub Braingouger is connected to these black pearls.
  • We continue on, the small girl keeping the lookout on the backend
  • We stabilize a woman on our way through. I don’t want her with us, but the group decided to take her
  • We ran into some goblins. I lost it again, a bit better at controlling my rage.
  • We ran into skeleton men. I used my glaive and javelins. Maybe the ax isn’t the right weapon for me after all. I wonder what my father would think.
  • Wow. There is a huge pit of people.
  • Giant ogres. They stole a page from my book with reckless attacks.
  • We defeat them, our party weary, but there is one more bad man in the pit. I make a running leap and plunge my ax into him, knocking him over.
  • I chop his head clean off, but these worms seem to be the real foe. We make quick work of these worms and free these prisoners from the pit.
  • Very close to passing out, I finally get some health. My companions have fought well, although some were knocked unconscious during the fight. I feel needed with these adventurers. They need a dwarf for the nitty gritty battles.
  • Overall I think I will keep fighting with an ax, but always keep my glaive close. It was a very useful weapon and did a lot of damage when an ax wouldn’t reach. I am a small legged dwarf after all
Edward's Story

Edward fidget’s abit as he starts his tale. “We heard some rumors about strange happenings, and thinking I was younger than I am apparently decided to come investigate. The rumors were the types of things that scare farmers, but really not that bad for an experienced adventurer. At least that’s what we thought.”

He relaxes as he gets going in the story. “We actually didn’t find much of consequence to be honest. There is the dead hill, and a few skeletons could be found roaming it now and again. But the activity site was supposed to be the old castle ruins. And frankly there wasn’t much sign of anything happening there in a long time. The most intersting thing was that the floor of what remains of the great hall, a pile of rocks dirt and grasses, was pretty shallow, and underneath was a what seemed to be a large solid piece of marble, inscribed with runes of binding.” He is quite animated as he talks about the marble stone.

Edward takes a long pause and signs, before he continues. “Then we were jumped in our sleep by a shifty little Hin named Otis, leading some goblins, and next thing we know we are part of the crew of slaves digging these tunnels.” You recognize the term Edward uses to refer to his own people.

“From what Tory says we are somewhere in the hill under the castle. Apparently this Kor Bloodaxe character was trying to dig up whatever was bound under that castle.”

“Zgakx,” Tory interjects.

By now Edward has his his full stride in lecturer mode, he doesn’t seem displeased in the least by the lead in to the next part of his tale. “Ah yes, Zgakx, Father of the Dark Fur, Maneater, Lord of the Infernal Moon, yeah we heard that more than once down there.”

“It is said, by goblin seers, that there will be born 11 great champions from each of 11 lineages, who will rise to lead the goblinoid people to greatness. And that when the 11th champion of the 11th lineage rises, it will be the full avatar of He Who Always Rises, and humankind will be swept away in the tide of goblins that will cover the world.”

“Zgakx is generally considered to be one of the champions, though not all seers agree on the exact ordering or naming of each champion. My understanding is that he was lord of the Bharghests devoted to the Goblin God Wogar. Based on where we were he was presumably slain, or perhaps merely trapped, in the final days of the ”/wikis/human-and-general-history" class=“wiki-page-link”> Third Rift War." Edward comes to a very natural conclusion, and you can tell from his body language that he considers the story told.

“Kor said he slew Halvor at the foot of Strywolp Hill, and that he would have siezed the royal jewels if it weren’t for Halvor’s Squire.” Tory cuts in.

“Killing Halvor the Second is to Goblins, what being descended from Halvor the first it to humans. Every crackpot claims it. Did he happen to say where Strywolp Hill is?” Edward’s disdain for the claim drips from each word.

“No.” Tory shrugs.

Session 3 - More Fighting and a Formal Dinner

“Hey, before we go down these stairs, I’m just going to take this stuff I picked up and throw it on the pile back by the door.”

Thanks Wizard-guy. Maybe next time just carry your crap with you.

But that’s not what we did. So wizard-guy goes to toss some crap on the pile of crap and it turns out the pile of crap is gone. We all come running to see who stole our stolen stuff and looking around it looks like the automated critters of the place just came through and put everything back, except, oddly, the tapestry, which while still crap, was pretty much the only interesting crap.

So now we have to re-check the rooms, re-steal everything, and re-poke everything with a stick, you know, just to spring any traps we missed the first time. So we got the robot dog and the giant thing of soup, wasps that fly through walls, and we added to that an attacking gong and death rug. After a few hours we finally circle back to where we started, we’ve re-stolen books and shelf nick-nacks, and here we are, where we’d decided we were too tired to go on last time, and we’re about the same level of tired, but at this point we have to go on or admit how dumb going back was.

Downstairs is only the coal room.. Which makes me wonder how the hell they get coal up in the main house if the coal room is down here past the pit trap and the zombies and the angry bowl of soup, but I guess that’s wizards for you. Or maybe just that’s how they do it in the south, I don’t know. Fortunately it all came together when we found the coal was possessed by evil ghosts, because why wouldn’t it be. Me and the raven god had about enough of this crap and I was able to use his power to drive most of the nonsense off. The rest, of course, stayed to smack me in the face, but that seemed to make sense in some way.

Having conquered the coal room I needed some time to heal, but we found a hidden passageway behind a rock or something so everyone pressed on. Still injured, I decided to hold the back of the line and we moved through the dark tunnels. Honestly, I couldn’t see much, the tunnels were narrow and dark, the people with the lights were quite a ways up, but somewhere up there some fighting started.

When I got to where I could see something, there was a split in the tunnel and in both directions I could see the back of someone in our party fighting some other person or creature. At one point the guy on the left said something about going to help somewhere and I was like, “No way man, you stay there and hold that hallway.” In the other direction I placed some protection on the Wizard and we held the whatever they were at bay until the fighters could finish with the other room and work their way back. I remember hearing once about gnomes that specialized in tunnel combat, with custom weapons and styles for the narrow corridors, I thought we needed one of those. Although I guess we got through it fine so it doesn’t matter that much. Maybe over specialization isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

No loot in the hallway, or the zombie room. That’s all it was, a room of zombies. And another hidden door. Dude did not want his stuff found. Still not sure how he got in and out, but he definitely didn’t want company. Which made the sound of voices up ahead all the more unusual.

Past some more hidden doors, we open one door on to another group of.. Adventurers. That’s the name for heavily armed thieves right? We’re adventurers? Whatever, it was another us, but this us was here at the end, in the nice room, presumably where the nicer stuff is. Cheaters. I was going to ask if Sarrah and I could join them as they seemed way better at this stuff than the guys we hooked up with, when they attacked.

It was a close fight. I didn’t see much of it, mostly heard it, and most of that was our guys complaining about how they were dying. They were alive enough to complain, which seemed rude as I could see Sarrah lying where she fell, probably actually dying, and not complaining, or moving, at all. Shutting out their yammering, I brought the Wizard back so he could attack while I pushed forward to Sarrah (I’m assuming it was a close fight, in less than a second or two everyone I could see was on the ground and bleeding, and then it went dark). As I got to Sarrah the other warrior took up a stance over her body and I was pretty much out of tricks I could think of that might move him when suddenly he surrendered.

Not too dead to argue terms, there was some debate from the other room over what he got to keep and take with him after surrendering, I ignored it while tending to Sarrah’s wounds.

Finally entering the room where the rest of the fighting took place, I could see the warrior gathering up his companions, they looked bad but I don’t think any of them died. They had a priest with them dressed all black so I looked him over to see whose god he followed. I didn’t see anything like a prayer book or spell book but he did carry a well crafted mace. Dwarven, someone said. It didn’t shoot lightening bolts or anything as near as I could tell, but it was better than what I had, so I took it and traded him back my mace made of reforged farm tools.

At this point pretty much everyone is wrecked, I nudge Sarrah and suggest she check the rest of these other adventurers for anything valuable and then I flop down on a nearby bed. Because that’s where we are, a big bedroom at the end of the hidden hallway and the hidden zombie room, because where else would you sleep. I’m curious about if there’s anything valuable or useful lying around, but not enough to get up.

It seems the other party had taken a shortcut through the roof and now everyone else wanted to head out that way as well. I’d have been fine just staying here but apparently there was some sort of deadline on returning a decorative sword and hat or something. So that’s what we did, we went up and met with the owner of the house. It looked like someone had robbed the house but no one seemed to want to talk about it so we ignored it. We gave him his fancy sword, which was handy as he was wearing a matching fancy suit. There was to be some sort of fancy dinner that night which we were invited to, but I’m pretty sure I slept through it.

Session 3 Freya

Oh the joys of the sweet fresh air, the wind dancing through the tree tops and the beautiful sun rising in the sky. How good it was to be outside. With an entourage of ex-slaves, Freya and her comrades made their way to the village of Kleine. Freya’s pixies left the present company, and Axel had disappeared at some point. All rescued folks went about their way as the group wandered into town. A town crier cried out news of raids, thefts and threats. Something was afoot.

After depositing an unreal amount of copper pieces, the group discovered that the town was in danger and that a precious item had been stolen. An important looking man talked with Claire and the others and Freya wandered off browsing the stores. When the evening gathered its shadows, a meeting occurred with a wizard looking wizard man. Very wizard like. He was kind enough to help us figure out the interesting items we found. While he figured that out, Freya redecorated his house. It was way too orderly for her tastes. It turned out he was also accomplished in removing curses, so Petyr and Orha are now safe. Petyr really wanted to wing this werewolf thing though, but she’s glad he changed his mind.

The plan was to help secure the town by going to a far place, but Claire told them a dear mentor of her was missing! Naturally we took a little detour to investigate. Petyr was as happy as a newborn calf thundering across the grasslands, because they came across a little chapel dedicated to his god. The holy man was pretty decked out it armor, and Freya wondered if he was afraid to get hurt. He was a little weird, so they invited him to come along to gain some real world experience. Real charitable of Petyr, Freya thought approvingly.

As they climbed to the ruins where Claire’s mentor was believed to have been, Larry got distracted by tracks going to the graveyard. Besides Freya’s warnings, everyone insisted to go inside a crypt. Knowing a suicide mission when she sees one (‘eyeroll’ ‘deep sigh’ adults…) she took point, in an attempt to keep everyone alive. However, everyone quickly got distracted by a statue on wheels, hiding a trapdoor!

This was when the ghouls came out of the crypts and attacked. Claire fell down a ladder, Larry ran away and Freya followed when her advances were parried. The holy man started casting so at least someone was doing something useful. Petyr had his hands full with ghouls.

As soon as Freya and Larry ran outside to use their ranged weapons more effectively, the holy man turned UNHOLY as he revealed himself evil and locked them out. Or more precisely, locked Petyr and Claire in. Sounds of slaying sounded from within the crypt. When Larry broke open the door, Freya saw Claire and Petyr lying unconscious on the floor. As usual. Knowing the routine by now, Freya engaged as Larry did the real damage giving Petyr and Claire the chance to scrape themselves together. The unholy man was very strong, and it looked pretty hopeless. But when Petyr regained consciousness he threw caution in the wind and dished out some Holy Retribution. This caused the unholy man to flee off a cliff and the ghouls were quickly taken care off.

Feeling as if they were close to his probable but speculative evil lair, they decided to push through the dungeon. Several traps and monsters later Freya was beat up, but even more determined that they were on the right path. Whatever evil was housed there, needed to be taken care off.

Session 1 - The Glorious Beginning
Actually Session 2

“I can’t believe we’re actually doing it,” I said, for somewhere around the thirtieth time that day. I found it best to talk while we walked, and we’d been walking for several days now and I’d long ago run out of things to talk about.

“Well,” Sarrah replied, “here we are.” The ‘here’ Sarrah referred to in this case was the wilderness around us. The open forest. The Great Outdoors. And there could be no doubt that we were indeed in it, for there was nothing but trees, pine needles, the occasional brush, and the gods only know what manner of beasts around for miles in any direction.

Back in Kleine, I’d made arrangements to sell my few tools and other craft related belongings in exchange for some arms and armor, enough to, I’d hoped, see me safely to the beginning of many adventures. Sarrah, being a hunter, was pretty much ready to go from the start. Taking some direction from my little black book, I adorned my shield with the image of a black raven.

We’d agreed to head south, and starting in Kleine that was an easy decision as pretty much everything is south of Kleine. Before leaving, we spoke with some travelers and merchants in Kleine, gathering news and information about things going on in the land and possible adventures to be hand. It was here we learned that not too far to the south was an area stuck in a magical winter. We decided that such a place would provide many opportunities for adventurers to get started.

Arriving in town, it was absurdly easy to get information on the unnatural weather, everyone we met was happy to tell us it was the local wizard’s fault, and, now that he’s dead, they expected it would continue forever. When we suggested maybe it was a spell that could be stopped or a machine that could be turned off locals would point us at the former home of the wizard and and say, “Feel free to give it a shot.” Which struck me as a particularly defeatists attitude if you ask me but I guess it had been going on for a while and people had given up hope. Sarrah and I talked it over and decided that we would indeed give it a shot, at the very worst case maybe there’d be some magical items in there we could use somewhere else, and who knows, maybe we’d save the town and they’d throw us a parade or something.

We snuck in at night, Sarrah using her fancy skills to get us in the door and down into the basement where we figured magical sanctums and the like were likely to be. From what we’d gathered the son or nephew or somesuch of the wizard in question would be arriving in town soon to look after the estate, our plan was to be in and out before he arrived.

We didn’t make it far before falling victim to one of the basement’s many traps. I must admit I was not expecting a basement to have quite so many traps. I was thinking wine racks, and perhaps potatoes, but instead what we found was an insane collection of traps and automations that confused the mind. We were rendered helpless, waiting at the bottom of a pit for unlikely rescue or a perhaps more likely arrival of someone who’d arrest us for trespassing. That’s why I at least was so surprised when, in the middle of a dream about someone bringing me fresh snacks, someone fell on me from above. With the opening of the trap door above us, the sounds of battle were all around. I quickly grabbed my gear and lept out of the pit to access the situation. It appeared that another group of adventurers had entered the basement and was engaged in combat with the same defenses that defeated Sarrah and I upon our arrival.

Seeing our opportunity to revenge ourselves upon these strange constructs as well as possibly join up with a group more equipped to deal with the obstacles of this adventure, Sarrah and I immediately set to the task of aiding our newfound comrades. Fortunately, they appeared much beset by their opponents and welcomed our aid as much as we welcomed theirs. Together our combined might proved no match for the assortment of creatures, automatons, pests, and even zombies that we came across while exploring the basement. However, search as we might, we found little but rugs and tapestries, books and baubles. There was very little proper treasure to be had. We did finally come to a hidden room behind the armory where some valuable items lay hidden, but they turned out to be an annoying crossbow and armor fit only for use by a dwarf. Battle weary and disappointed, we stacked what meager loot we’d collected on top of an old tapestry and took to some of the beds in this bizarre place to get some rest.

While I’m happy to be out of the pit, I can only hope that tomorrow brings us better fortune than today.

Session 0 - The Epic of Temen Use Begins

I’ve always known I was bound for greatness. The small life of a carpenter’s apprentice was never going to be enough for me.

I guess it was a chance encounter at the local pub with a traveling halfling that finally got me moving though.

I’d swung by the pub after work one night for a quick drink and to kill some time before my friend Sarrah returned from hunting. I’d staked out a spot in the common room, kicked up my feet and settled in for a bit of people watching while sipping on a warm beer, as I’d done several times before.

I’m relaxing in the pub for but a few minutes when over walks an odd, if friendly looking, halfling. He appeared to be past middle age, whatever age that is for halflings, old but not elderly, and was decked out in several layers of black. Tight fitting black shirt and trousers under a lightweight black tunic with a black traveling cloak worn loosely over it all. Numerous pouches and packs rustled as he walked. He smiled as he approached and helped himself to a seat at my table, “Pleasant evening isn’t it?”

Curious, and a little amused, I nodded in reply, “Indeed it is, friend.”

Setting is own beer mug on the table, he leaned in and spoke in a lower tone, “You’ve got a bit of the raven in ya I see.” He gave something very close to a wink and a nod, as if I was supposed to have the faintest idea what he was talking about.

“Ummmm. Sure, why not?” I replied with a shrug. It seemed like the best way out of the conversation without inviting the short fellow to elaborate further. I returned my attention to the room in the hopes that he would do the same.

The halfling cocked his head curiously to the side, peering at me as he thought a moment and finally said, “Ahh, you’re not yet aware of it are ya?” He began to rummage around through the various pouches and packs upon his person, “Well then, take this,” he said, producing a small black book and sliding it across the table toward me. The book was small and thin, a light personal journal perhaps, with the image of a Raven embossed into the cover. “And when you strike out to find your fame and fortune perhaps it will help.”

I picked up the book and flipped it over, a second raven adorning the opposite cover. “Thanks?” I said.

“Think nothing of it.” he smiled, and turning his head he looked across the room, “Ahh, I see your friend is back. Good luck in your adventures.” And with that he hopped off the chair and wandered back into the room to sit at another table.

I looked up to follow him but was interrupted by Sarrah arriving at the table. She sat down heavily in the recently vacated chair and leaned back, stretching her legs and back out for a moment before looking over and saying, “Well that was miserable. Four days out and almost nothing to show for it.” She straightened up a bit, continuing her recap, “Most of the snares were empty. We bagged two bucks, which isn’t nothing, but isn’t great either.” Sighing, she collapsed back in her chair once again. After a brief moment she nodded in the direction of the black book, still on the table, “What’s that?”

I looked down at the book, shrugged, and picked it up, “Something to help us in our adventures apparently.” I slipped the small book into a pocket of my coat.

“Oh? We’re having adventures, are we?”

“So it would seem.”

Session 2 Larry
Thu 17/11

Those beds were better then I excepted. I felt ready for another.
We moved forward to find an undead scary minotaur, few skeletons he seemed to be commanding, and a prisoner I assumed they were guarding. We figured the prisoner was a gift from Zanzer Tem, attached to some sort of magical chain that according to Clair was keeping him there. He disappeared before our eyes right after finished reciting something like a prayer “Om, may the Lord protect us both (guru and disciple), may he cause us to enjoy (the supreme), May we exert together. May our studies be through and faithfull (to become brilliant). May we never quarrel/hate each other.”, I guess he was something like a ghost.
This prisoner also told us to be careful in this place, where death and darkness embrace the ones who get too greedy.
Without much more understanding we had to move on, first came a gnoll patrol that we took care quickly. We then found more prison cells in another area, although the majority being empty we found a particular one with silver bars and a “human” inside. Yeah, he fooled us just to betray us after and spread his werewolf curse. I managed to flee but Peter got inflicted even killing the shapeshifter! I saw that happening and I’m really worried about it, so far we managed to get to a town nearby without any incidents, but I’m counting the days to the next full moon. We shall seek some magical help to remove this curse from him, Clair might know something about this, she always knows something.
Back to the that place, we freed all slaves after a deadly encounter with ogres and snakes. Most of the snakes were naturally burning in constantly fire and acted under the ogres’ command. There was a huge snake that wasn’t burning but grabbed and trapped Orah in a room where few dwarves were also being held prisoners.
The dwarf ended up enraged and out of control again, Freya was wise hiding his sword this time.
I believe important and powerful people might be plotting something against us, is Zanzer Tem friend of the wizard who first put me to sleep and fled? Why were they after us? Anyhow, I have a bad feeling about this.

Journal entry Day xx of xx in the year xxx

My shoulder hurts a lot more then the books would have you believe.
We entered the crypt and did not give it the respect it deserved, The Scout trigged the first trap and that was almost the end. The pit took The Sword, and sent The Scout to the floor with a dive. And that unleashed the constructs.
The cauldron was impressive engineering, but ultimately boring. The wasps on the other hand, flight, phase shifting and toxin delivery all in a single device is true genius.
With help from the trapped tomb raiders we managed the chaos, and after introductions, Male raider is a priest of some sort and Female raider is more along the lines of what I expect from the archetype.
We explored the first level and gathered some goods. Of note are the Study and the Armory. The Study was protected by yet another clockwork monstrosity that I was in no mood to for delay and I put it down with an application of the Shatter evocation, the damage to the study was regrettable but easily repaired, there was a fine library and a clockwork librarian I hope to deliver to Devrill, the most interesting of the volumes are with me and the rest in a pile by the front door. The Armory was protected by a pair of gargoyles I had read a little and I have seen the power of a golem so I was surprised by how easily we were able destroy them. In the Armory we found the Sword we where contracted to fins along with a magical singing crossbow and enchanted dwarven half plate.
This reminds me, The Scout, The Sword and I are contracted to find and return a Magical Great Sword and a tiara. In exchange we are able to keep all that we are able to bring with us. I suspect that finding how the raiders will fit in this contract will be at least as interesting as the gargoyles where. Along with what we found in the Study and Armory we found a tapestry, at first glance it looks like a history of The War, or a map, I am sure that Devrill would make great use of a magical map…

Rubyave stops writing in his journal and yells “oh, Crap!”


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