Melinir is the cultural and economic heart of the of the region. Fueled by an abundance of productive nearby farms, Nearly all goods traded over any distance in the Rift pass through Melinir.

1: Home of the Quadrial
2: Upper Quays
3: Bridge
4: Manor of Nicholas Maybrush (Technically outside of town).
5: The Walls
6: Market Square
7: The Sarcastic Goat Inn
8: Temple of the Expanse
9: The Tombwood
10: Library
11: Mill (and Bakery)
12: Waterfall
13: Town Hall
14: The Bluffs
15: The Catacombs
16: Bank
17: Town Stables
18: Walls and Gate
19: Stefan the Weaver
20: Manor of the Recluse
21: Waterfall
22: Pickman the Sage
23: Shar The Smith
24: Thieves Guild (Shh you don’t know where this is)
25: The Broken Gate
26: The Old Commons
27: Butcher and Stockyard
28: Dancing Dragon Tavern
29: Lower Quays


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