1: The Emporium – A house of Gnomish delights. They charge a fee to get in the door, but it is refunded with any purchase. The emporium is actually a bit of a mall, with 12 small semi-independent shops each with their own specialty and merchandise. Bilryn Gerstmann & Kin are the most famous clockmakers in the rift, and across the hall is Dokysis Ritschel and associates, the second (and therefore least) most famous clockmaker in the rift. They are both actually quite good. Volvyx Volvehunst maker of fine music boxes (and organs and harpsichords, though they do a lot less business on those), and the Crimpshrine Ticket Office makes up the rest of the first floor. The second floor houses smaller and less stylish shops, including a “Tinker for Hire”, several candy shops, a few toy stores, an architect (who has no need for a fancy office, and is rarely in town), and an Alchemist, Hisrug Wierz. The third floor is a private club, and the heart of the Gnomish community in Kleine.

2: Megathein Residence – Not sure how they made their money originally, the current members of this wealthy family operate as teachers and scholars. Fields of study are Business applications of magic, surreal logic, and surgical techniques, the later from the rifts best surgeon. While they do operate a small academy, they do not operate a public medical practice.

3: Melodious Harpy – Taproom and entertainment venue. Live Music most nights. Operates as the unofficial town hall, and the elite of the town are often seen here. Sometimes they close to the public and sell tickets for special performances (plays or particularly popular musicians).

4: Temple of the Expanse – Headed by Vextan the Golden (Priestess of Ixion) she is currently out of town, and the running of the temple has been left in charge of Arrias the Young, a new arrival who oversees the three younger initiates. There is a bit of a rumor that Arrias was exiled here, as he seems quite, rough, in his fulfillment of priestly duties.

5: Rosenkrantz & Sergeyavich – The local bank, and gem merchant. Tidwoad Rosenkrantz is the day to day head of the operations (backed up by a shield golem).

6: Town Hall

7: Hospers Dry Goods – General Store

8: The Flaming Shield – Tavern much smaller than the harpy, cheaper, only sells house beer, and a few local wines. Orikin and his serving girls are not above picking a pocket now and again.

9: Ploughman’s Home – This flophouse has a character quite unlike what a typically adventurer would look for. It operates at least partially as a poorhouse, as those who truly can’t pay are not promptly kicked out.

10: Sergeyavich Residence (Wealthy Merchant)

12: The Watchtower and Fort – Head of the Kleine Militia (volunteer and professional). Jennel is the head of the Garrison and Watch.

13: Kleine Stables

16: The Captain’s Blade – Asckt the Blade spends most of his time keeping an edge farm tools. He does also keep a small stock of quality weapons, though they rarely sell. Rumors say he can do more for a price.

19: The Red and Blue Tower of Menion the Thaumaturgist – Pretty much exactly what it says.

21: The Fisher’s Rest – Inn Tril Leafcutter proprietor.

22: Ourth Residence (Landowning Aristocrats)

23: Hearth Home Embassy – Really more of a merchant than a diplomat.

24: Kniss Residence (Landowning Aristocrats)

26: Kleine Knight’s Home

28: Vorloi estate (Landowning Aristocrats)

29: Graveyard

30: Grentis estate (Landowning Politicians)

33: The Plunging Stone

34: Observatory – Said to have once belonged to a wizard, regarded as haunted.

35: Longmane Residence (Landowning Aristocrats)


Resting on the southern shore of Lake Ostrel, Kleine is a small village of fishermen and farmers. It is ruled by the Kleine Village Council and is home mainly to humans and a few gnomes. Dwarves from the Farolas hills are also often seen in the village. Councilman Baur is the main spokesman of the Village Council.

From the town across Lake Ostrel you can see the
Plunging Cataract
, which makes the thundering noise for which the rift is named, as it rushes out through the ruins of the ancient dwarf city of Stancum.


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