Sister Garaele


Garaele is a young halfling who tends the shrine of luck in Torlynn, the only shrine to Falcho Fallowguard in the rift. Garaele is always quick to point out to those who are confused that she is merely a caretaker and not a priest. She spends more time acting as the local teacher to the children, which she does mostly through song and storytelling, than she does actually maintaining the shrine.

Garaele is generally sweet and funny, and a bit of a bookworm, making regular trips down to the library of Edgewater, or to visit her good friend Beyla. Or she did, the current state of affairs in town, with thugs running roughshod over the few remaining citizens, no children showing up to attend classes, and being forced to rely on open charity (which she regards as meaningfully different than offerings and donations) to survive, has left her feeling helpless, but unwilling to travel when so many others are in danger. She tries to keep upbeat in the circumstances, but she is rapidly finding it harder to not give in to despair.


Sister Garaele

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