Sherlane Halaran

A tall, imposing man in his 60's with grey white hair and pale blue eyes.


Sherlane Halaran is the second son of Antillius Halaran, Brother of Merrik and Belessa, and name uncle to Arik, Clair, Aleena, and Anielle.

Relationships aside for those who know the most interesting thing about Sherlane is that he is the only known Priest of Halav in the rift. On good terms with the Church of the Expanse, and a known confidant of High Priestess Enora. He does not vocally advocate for a return to the faith of Halav, either among the common people, or in the official order of the Church.

Sherlane makes his home at the ancestral fortress of the Halaran, Stonewill Castle, just a short distance west of Torlynn.


Sherlane Halaran

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