This hearty young man bears little resemblance to the stereotype wizards apprentice


Marko Rubinavski was a child of the Traveling folk, (Tinkerers, Rovers, Vistani) His family would travel the civilized lands of the vale doing odd jobs and entertaining. During the hard winter months the Traveling folk would gather near the only settlement that would was the friendly fold of Edgewater. When the Winter of Tears came even the generous Halfling folk could no longer host the Vistani gathering and the Traveling folk went their separate ways. Marko’s family was overrun by Hobgoblins in the middle of the night and everything og value including the children were taken to sell. Marko was sold to the wizard Devrill to work in the kitchens, But he had a keen mind and the knack, he picked up the trick of “mending’ after seeing Devrill do it only once. Marko was not the best of students, and Devrill not the best of teachers. Devrill could not be bothered to learn to pronounce the boys name, and insisted that others in his household refer to the the boy as Rubyave, a “fitting name for a Wizard”

Ruby doesn’t speak much of his time with his master, but he posses enough ready ticks that it is easy to imagine that it was not the most pleasant of ways to grow up.
From the time he was about 16 he would regularly visit Melinir in the company of rough guards, he would have a task or shopping list, in any case he would accomplish his goal and join the guards in the tavern, listening with rapt attention to any adventurer that had a story to tell, always with an eye/ear to the clock so as to not be late getting himself and his guards back on the road
Little more a Year ago he arrived in Melinir in possession of his wizard staff.


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