Reina became known when, she, as a child, slew the goblins that had killed her foster mother, and later ran away from the orphanage in Melinir to live in the wilderness. She became famous when she defeated the bugbear hero Dukoxt (though most don’t know his name) in single combat during the Crossing of the Water in the Winter of Tears (just a scant few years ago), and rallying the remaining defenders for a countercharge. She became a legend when she defeated and taunted an unnamed member of the Quadrial who was trying to recruit her, in single combat. She never speaks of the incident personally, nor does the Quadrial, rumors almost always point to Valum or Thrund.

Legends say that her great sword is jet black with bright copper runes that glow in battle, and that she speaks to animals. Her name is becoming more and more associated with a minor prophecy common among the people. A position she seems to consider silly nonsense.


The lion of the people will conquer the terrible messenger. The god of war foretells peace. The snake of the woman of the village will restore the people of the plain. The time of prosperity will end.


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