Nerys Lorea

A quiet young woman in heavy armor and carrying a polearm


Lorea is a Knight of Avenal, currently on release from her duties protecting the settlement. She has been traveling the Rift, learning more about the lands and the people outside of the Keep of the Black Knight, and specifically seeking out distant relatives. She has come to Torlynn to find her cousin, Sir Tristram, known as the “Protector of the Innocent”.

Lorea is quiet, but when she speaks, people tend to listen. She has an air of command, and is obviously used to having people follow her. She leads from the front, never asking others to take risks she herself would not take. She never shies from a battle and will wade in even against the odds. Still, she tries to be somewhat smart about it. After all, winning is the best proof that you were in the right.

While she does not proselytize, Lorea also does not hide her faith or her dedication to the goddess Vanya, despite the fact that there are no public places of worship for the Abaddon outside of her home in Avenal. If asked, she will point out that destruction is a natural and necessary part of the cycle, and that many times, complete destruction is needed before something new and better can come into being.

She wears a medallion with the holy symbol of Vanya – two crossed swords in front of a vertical lance. She does not hide it, wearing it over her clothes or her heavy armor. When asking for her goddess’s blessing she will grip the medallion in one hand.

Most of the time, it is obvious that Lorea has been trained in etiquette and carries herself with the mannerisms of the aristocracy. But often, in the heat of battle, or after particularly difficult fights, something of a street urchin will slip into her speech and reactions. And there is a smile that hints at a hidden mischievousness.

When interacting with children, she seems to have near infinite patience, and is quite willing to join in their games, though anyone watching closely will note that she uses the time teach what she believes are necessary skills. A child who has spent time with her will come away with a slightly better grip on their wooden sword, a more stable stance, and questions about the difference between leadership and tyranny.

Lorea is fiercely loyal to her friends and companions, in and out of battle. If you have stood beside her, she will stand beside you. However, it is also obvious that she counts her enemies more numerous than her friends. She will remember any slight and does not come easily to forgiveness. While her patron may be the Grey Lady, when it comes to personal loyalties, there is no gray for Lorea. You are either for her or against her, and she will treat you accordingly.

Nerys Lorea

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