Kavor Barrick


Kavor is famous both as a powerful wizard, in fact the most powerful wizard to openly survive the War of Sword and Wand, but also as arguably the end of the Barrick family line, the descendants of the last duke of the valley, and the wealthiest family in the rift.

As a wizard he is known to have split with wizardspire before the events of the war, and depending on how devoted they were, those who tried to draw him into the war either wandered away confused, or vanished entirely.

As the Last of the Barrick line, and the heir to the highest surviving title in the rift, he was something of a great hope for the royalist factions. His divorce from his wife in his 50’s with no children, seemed like the death of the line, though he did in his 70’s adopt the foundling Kaerin, though many reject the adoption as a rightful passing of the lineage.

Now in his 90’s Kavor is rarely seen, and largely considered a mad wizard by the people of Torlynn, where he resides.


Kavor Barrick

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