Kaerin Barrick




The adopted son of Kavor Barrick who passed away last summer. As a boy Kaerin tried to pickpocket the old wizard. Kavor forced the boy to work off his crime or face the stocks. Over the years he raised a smart and brave boy, who he declared his son and heir. Kavor, already ancient when he adopted Kaerin, was the last of the Barrick Line, the most powerful surviving aristocrats in the rift. Even though the aristocracy no longer holds official power, they still wield quite a bit of power behind the scenes, and much of the regions premium farmland.

Kaerin though very wealthy, is not of the blood, and so not widely accepted as the descendant of the Barrick Legacy. Adding to this is the fact that the heart of his holdings are near the cursed town of Torlynn, a curse commonly blamed on Kavor, Kaerin gets a lot of blame, but little respect. Don’t cry too much for him though, he is still (very) rich.

Kaerin, something of an adventurer, recently lost an arm to a giant beetle of some sort, and has not been in Torlynn long, having only recently come to convalesce and settle his father’s estate.

Kaerin Barrick

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