The Melinir Chronicles repeats the very popular story that Geoffrey was keeper of Mage Island before the city of Melinir was founded. Of course, Melinir was founded in the Age of Kings, so were the story true, Geoffrey would be considerably older than any elf in the Rift.

On one hand he certainly doesn’t live like a millenias old wizard, being the first customer at the markets in the morning, purchasing his own fresh produce, sometimes even haggling. He is frequently seen around town laughing as children play, or running his own errands. On the other hand his eyes are never focused quite where you would expect, and essentially everyone in town is uneasy around him. Maybe it is just that they imagine he is the most powerful wizard around, and wizards are a tad scary, but most would say that it is more than that.

He is a jovial fellow it seems, never rushed or perplexed. No-one goes to Mage Island without his permission, and moreover his presence. It is he that wizards apprentices must convince to induct them into the secret order, though he takes no apprentices himself. And no one, whether wizard, Head of State or member of the Quadrial (the only groups that are permitted to go to the Island), has ever revealed what was found there.



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