Elward Mithlenthar

The wheel of flame shall banish the ascending darkness


Elward is a slender tall elf, with a current age of 108 years. He is classified among elf sub races as a hight elf. Elward has light blue eyes that tends to light grey, his alabaster skin contains very smooth tones of blue that are only visible under moon light. He has a long silver hair usually tied with a braid on the back.
Both arms covered with colourful tattoos that most cannot comprehend, visualizing them as a very beautiful abstract art.
He dresses white clothes with a golden symbol in the back, that is half covered by his hair. The symbol is a flaming wheel that can be recognized as the symbol of Ixion.

  • From the Silvercrest clan
  • Father is an eldritch knight Reluvethel Virlar, along with his grandfather Volodar Mithlenthar who was primary trainer of the tradition. The tradition trains elven warriors in the more practical (humanish) aspects of wizardry, compared to the path the keepers of the trees follow.
  • Elward is 3rd generation, his parents were significantly old when he was born.
  • His mother Talanashta Mithlenthar son of the mighty Volodar fell in love with Reluvethel, the leader knight right hand of Volodar.
  • Elward is not yet bonded. Although being currently outside of the forest Elward left with intent of honouring the tradition when he gets older.
  • Talanashta was a Ranger trained up in the magic by the Keepers of the Tree. Not pleasant decision from her father perspective. They had many conflicts when she started getting older.
  • Having his father under guidance of Uthvainlas Silvercrest but his mother ironically taught in the ideals of Tiawyn Farseer, Keeper of the Trees. Elward inherit both traditions which taught him respect for both, but deep inside he couldn’t find himself being part of one clan or another.
  • Elward is the only heir of Volodar, he used to spend a lot of time with his grandfather, always admired by his cunningness and amount of knowledge that were always manifested in stories and riddles which he dreamed about.
  • Elward wasn’t, so far, a follower of any deities. His mind was settled to be agnostic to deities, lacking faith in a particular god.
  • Reluvethel wanted Volodar to write a letter to Geoffrey, so that Elward could bypass the standard wizard education. However overhearing the conversation, Elward politely asked whether he could go and represent his family, respecting the regular tradition and not skipping from rights he hasn’t earned himself.
  • The time on the mage island spread rumours about the eccentric wizard son of the son of the eldritch knight. Volodar’s fear that rumours could go outside of the forest and bring misfortune to his grandson.
  • Elward had a unique experience in the Mage Island, events that cannot be told to anyone else even if he wanted to. Elward changed after the time in island, mentally and physically. His comprehension of things are broader now, and both arms are covered in tattoos depicting for most an abstract colourful art which represents things he shall never forget.
  • Years after devoting to wizardry, Elward acquired a lot more knowledge and started feeling something compelling against the many different manifestations of evil. Something that was awkward to his own feelings.
  • Once in a dream that felt very real where he was fighting against faceless shadows. He saw light that banished the shadows and gave him comfort, the light spoke with him. An avatar of a god.
  • Asleep Elward heard a call which he neither declined nor accepted but instead ignored. This time he was in his meditation hidden spot in the forest, same place where Talanashta used to hide when fought against the demands of Volodar. When we woke up, he saw this white robes with a golden flaming wheel symbol on the back, lying on the floor.
  • The touch brought him dreams and this urge to fight against darkness back to his mind. He finally understood the balanced between his clans, the connection of the weave and the Tree of life, the divine and arcana. This day for the first time he actually feels it, the faith.
  • Ixion calls Elward. Talanashta was the only one who understood her son and pushed him even though into a different path among their culture.
  • Elward goes, neither against nor with the bless of Volodar and Reluvethel since they didn’t know about it. However having the feeling they wouldn’t like their heir wandering the Rift alone, Elward left a letter and vanished in his quest for years.
  • The training his father gave him was essential for him to survive the dangerous travels in the Rift. He used his longbow multiple times, combined with his magic tricks he often joined merchants and soldiers travelling who also benefit from him.
  • The quest for Ixion’s call takes him to a Halfling cleric called Valdemar Lightoak, in the Cathedral of Melinir, he is a senior member of the Order of the Rose. Who baffled by divine sensation the robes gave him, understood what the elf was seeking for. Elward became his new apprentice.
  • Years of training with the cleric and living among halflings and humans makes Elward gets mature faster, since Elves tends to see the time slower and takes years to learn things humans would learn faster. The time spent in Melinir developed him, with respect and better understanding of all other races, learning many languages there.
    (The time spent in the Cathedral with Valdemar, will be told later).
  • Another call from Ixion drives Elward away from his mentor. He have been picturing this heavily armoured dark knight in dreams or in some trances when meditating.
  • The message is always unclear and sparse. Elward believes that this dark figure is dangerous and will bring back darkness to rule the surface of the rift
  • He knows he needs to wander and that the answer will appear, his resolve is as strong as his devotion to studies.

Elward Mithlenthar

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