Clair Halaran


Claire Halaran was born and raised around the Melinir Hills. Her family was known to be the most wealthy family in town. Her father, Hamil Actavius, was very popular among the people, he was funny and even being from a rich family he used to participate in popular games and visited the taverns in the city quite frequently. Meanwhile, Claire’s mom, Bellessa Halaran would stay mostly at home taking care of the servants, chit-chatting about world futilities with her rich “friends”, and singing (the thing Claire liked the most). Claire and Aryc were the only pregnancy Bellessa could conceive after several abortions and because of that the Halaran’s made everything for the twins. They made the two of them study and learn as much as possible no matter how much that would cost.
Edward Furryears was Claire’s music and languages professor. Edwards was born and raised in Avenal but had traveled to several places studying and playing his music and now that he is old he came back to, as he used to say: “make good money teaching these rich spoil… lovely children”. He was one of the most knowledgeable person in the city and just the most wealthy families could afford his classes. Mr. Furryears teaches Claire how to play Lyra, Viol, and Lute. In addition to languages such as Dwarvish and Elvish.
Clair and Arik were spoiled children. They had everything they wanted whenever they wanted and even though they always respected the people of town and didn’t see them as “less” as other rich people would. That is mainly because Mr. Furryear influences.
Edward met the Halaran’s children when they were just 3 years old and he saw in them a lot of goodness, from someone that still doesn’t know the world and its futilities. Because of that he decided that he wouldn’t let the Halaran’s take it from them and He,personally, would make sure they found her way in the world.
The years passed and those little naive children grew strong and smart. Edward accomplished his goal. Claire and Arik were not just two more spoiled rich adults. Arik learned how to fight and realized that protect the people of the city as well as his family was the most important thing on his life, he became a great knight and diplomat. Claire was Edward’s big star. She knew the flaws of the society, she accepted it and learned how to deal with that. She studied history, religion, and the secrets and arcane magic. She was ready for the world.
On Claire’s 15th birthday Edward took her to a “ study field trip” where they traveled to Edgewater to visit the Rhiannon’s playhouse. And after that Clair’s life changed forever.
At the first night Mr. Furryears and Clair didn’t leave the city. He took her to spend the night in the town’s tavern. It was the first time Claire was in a tavern and she was so excited! All those different people, some from town, others from far away… so many stories and adventures. Edward introduced Clair for some of his friends (almost everyone in the tavern) but there was this one man… He was charming, smart, mysterious… Larry. The love of her life. He was strange at the beginning, treating her as she didn’t know what she was doing or talking, but soon he realized she wasn’t a common girl. They talked all night and he decided he was going with them to Edgewater, according to him “he had some stuff to do there” but Clair realized he just wanted to be with her as much as she wanted to be with him.
In Edgewater Edward took Clair the the Rhiannon’s playhouse, in which just few could access, there she met the Bards of the College of Lore. A group of people that used music as a was to express their feelings about society and satirize it. They were musicians, singers, and actors. They were intelligent, knowledgeable, and free. Clair was amazed with all that and she wanted it too. In that day Claire decided that she would be free!
Clair went back home after a month. She was not the same person, she wanted to share it with her parents. Tell them about everything she saw and learned, tell them that she would travel the world with Larry playing and helping people. But when she got back home Claire discovered that her home was right at the epicenter of one of the worst fighting of her time. Her father and her second cousin once removed (?) Arturos Penhalogon led a force of about 20 professional soldiers and another 40 or so militia against a force of about 100 goblins, right outside her family estate. It was brutal. Her father’s position was overrun, and Arik recklessly jumped the wall and rush towards the battle. Her mother, in despair, sent the remaining house guard (just 10 men) out to support him, and between them they were able to rally her father and her cousin’s remaining forces and break the goblin assault. However, Hamil and Arturos died fighting back to back before the reinforcements to get to them. Claire couldn’t believe how her life could change in such short period of time.
Claire decided that she would wait to tell her mom about her plans and even had second thoughts about leaving home, however, she realized that she didn’t fit there and no matter how much she wanted to be with her mom, that wasn’t her life. Pasting a few weeks, Claire noticed that although her dad passed away Bellessa was acting very strange as if she didn’t care for John’s death. Also Bessarion Draconius, one of the members of another wealthy family in the city was constantly in her house advising her mom and telling her what to do. Confused and afraid, Claire asked for Edward’s help. Her tutor came to her house as if it was just another day to analyse Bellessa’s relationship with Bessarion and he realized she had being charmed by some kind of magic item. Worried about her mom, Claire tried to talk to Bellessa but she was blinded by the magic. Bellessa tried to explain to Claire that love is important and building a happy family was her life goal and she wanted the same for her daughter. Finding that an opportunity to tell her mom about her plans, Claire said she was in love with Larry and that she was planning on living the city. Bellessa was filled by a rage and said Claire couldn’t do that because she was promised to Stevan Draconius, they would announce the married at the end of the week and Claire had no options. Meanwhile, Larry discovered that Bellessa was talking to some orcs in order to get some slaves and start an illegal slave commerce in the town.
Claire, Edward, and Larry exchanged informations and planned on destroy Bessarion’s plans. They found a way to make the public know about Bessarion’s schemes but Bellessa was exposed as well. By doing so, Bessarion’s went to captivity, which he disappeared few months later and Bellessa’s issues were quietly swept under the rug by the the family, and she now lives under an unofficial state of house arrest in the families northeastern estate (near where the drake river splits north of Torlynn).
Claire got tired of all those politics and corruption. She decided she didn’t want to live around those people and the pain to be at home was too much. Claire talked to Arik, who was planning on staying and take lead on the family’s politics with the help of their cousin Aleena. Happy to hear that her brother would stay Claire felt safe to leave, knowing that she would always be welcome back home.
At the age of 16 and the help of Edward she was accepted in the College of Lore. During her training, Claire traveled a lot and made a good friend, Freya a a young girl that lived with her clan in the Lower Great Grasslands. From Freya she learned a lot about the barbaric clans and fighting styles. After few years, at age of 19, Claire complete her training at the Rhiannon’s playhouse and became a true bard. Now she lives her life traveling the world with Larry, improving herself and developing her skills.

Claire Halaran – Family
Parents: Claire misses the mother she had before her father’s death, the present Bellessa is not her mother, she feels like she doesn’t know her. Claire misses her father as well, but she accepts that he died with honor.
Brother: Arik and Claire are very close. She knows she can count on him for anything and knows he shares this feeling.
Cousins: Claire trusts Aleena just because of her brother’s judgment. Anielle is a mystery to Claire and she doesn’t understand her changes in mood. The Penhaligon’s have never said anything to Claire, on the contrary they are always very friendly. However, because of their rivality with her brother, she doesn’t trust them making their good relationship just a facade.


Clair Halaran

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