Brebin Overworry


Brebin is a schoolmarmish halfiling who every bit lives up to her surname. She is also the chief librarian of the Kohlorian Library, generally just known as the Library, in Edgewater. She is quick to point out that something (everything really) is fragile, that you can’t bring food here, and she absolutely loves to shush people. When she isn’t shushing people though she is easy with her knowledge, loves to teach children (who often have complaints about her strict nature but still are eager to return the next day), and appears to have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Libraries contents.

While she struggles to offer competitive rates for rare volumes compared to Pickman the Sage, and other private collectors, she is very persuasive at making arguments about the preservation of knowledge for knowledge’s sake, and most adventurer’s end up taking the lower offer from her with a smile on their face.


Brebin Overworry

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