Beyla 'Rhiannon' Voronin


Beyla Voronin has been in charge of Rhiannon’s playhouse for so long, that most people simply call her Rhiannon, not something she encourages, but something she has learned to tolerate. Still a striking woman in her middle years, she is known throughout the rift for her stage performances of both new material and classic plays, that she produces, and occasionally stars in. One of the most significant features of the playhouse is that it has no social class bias, tickets are sold first come first served, at modest prices, and scalping is not tolerated.

What most people don’t realize is that Bard isn’t merely shorthand for entertainer, but she is the torchbearer for a proud and ancient tradition that melds human wizardry with elfin nature lore, with a side of rapier to boot. Beyla personally trains all of those who aspire to the Bardic tradition.


Beyla 'Rhiannon' Voronin

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