Bellienne Cloudhoney


Bellienne grew up sneaking into the Kohlorian Library and inking the plates in her parents printing press. She has continued the tradition they started, and has made several attempts to expand printing operations, though they market has not been as prone to the expansion as Bellinne would like.

Bellienne is a great proponent of adventure, she will talk the ear off any heroes (or people she thinks of as heroes) she comes across. She also tends to don rough and tumble clothes for a night out of tale-telling and drinking. She is known for taking copious notes after these interactions. The rumors abound that for years she has planed to write her own history of ruins and adventure, though given the perfectionist that she is, most suspect that she will never finish.

She is always on the lookout for rare books, and attempts to make competitive offers compared to the local libraries, even for things she knows aren’t really publishable.


Bellienne Cloudhoney

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