Bassiel Dreamwander

Not all those who wander are lost, unless you're Bassiel.


Level 6
Race Elf
Class Land Druid
Background Sage
Alignment Chaotic Good


Balanced between auxiliary support and scouting.


Bassiel’s never been too close with his community, often caught daydreaming mid-conversation. That’s not to say he’s antisocial, he enjoys conversation and the connections he makes. It’s more that he has a restless soul. He enjoys seeing new places and people and even thoughts. When he spends too much time in one place or with the same community he gets an itch that only traveling can scratch. In his clan, it felt more like a prison than a home after a time. His wanderlust got the better of him and he struck out on his own, leaving his people behind with the open road ahead.

As with most restless elves, Bassiel struck out on his own at an early age. He learned the ways of the grasslands, how to travel quickly and quietly when the need arose. There was no true goal with his travels, though that never got in his way. The druid wandered through old places and wondered at the spectacular history they held. The friendlier people met along the way gave him bits of advice, riddles to chew on, and different philosophies they had each found on their own paths.

Through these travels, Bassiel found himself, finally, in a situation he couldn’t evade. He had wandered too close to the base of a guild of assassins, and was promptly bashed upside his head. He awoke in shackles and blinds, now a prisoner in the dungeon of this guild. As far as prisons went, it wasn’t all bad. He managed to grow a goodberry or two and had plenty of enjoyable conversation with the weird old man in the cell beside him.

Not long after his incarceration, he was awakened by a vaguely familiar face. His elder cousin, of all people, had fought his way in with a band of odd characters. Maybe he could fit in for a little while. Besides, Bassiel would never turn down an adventure.

Bassiel Dreamwander

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