Arik Halaran


Arik hails from a marginally less wealthy satellite branch of the Halaran family, he is the son of Belessa, and twin to Clair. He gained some notoriety as a boy when, during the Crossing of the Water, when his father’s troops were routing before the goblin horde, he led that charge that broke the goblin line Sadly his father had already fallen when the goblins were routed. He and is just now starting to make a name for himself as an adult through daring deeds, to date seeming to eschew the more political path advanced by his more prominent cousin Aleena Halaran.

As a knight of Melinir he seems to be caught up in an ever riskier rivalry with his distant cousin Brion Penhaligon. Watchers of their antics tend to favor Arik for his easy manner and social grace (a seemingly common feature of all of the Halaran’s).


Arik Halaran

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