Argyle Lorne II 'The Black Knight'


Argyle Lorne was once a close friend of Sir Jameson the Defender, and was famous as the most deadly general to take the field in the war of Sword and Wand. Ruthless, brilliant, and mature 25 years ago. Most had believed him killed years ago, but recently he re-emerged, taking control of his old family lands to the south, and quickly being elected Mayor of Avenal in a unanimous election. Rumors report that he does not move like a man in his 60’s, and that he routinely faces all comers in joust, to keep his reputation and his form perfect.

Known as the Black Knight, Argyle is a strong proponent of the return to monarchy, and has a very hostile relationship with mages and the church. Rumors abound that he is a worshiper of the Moon Dragon, and the only open temple to the moon dragon within the rift has recently opened in Avenal. Other’s assume he is a worshiper of Vanya, as Avenal comtains the largest of the two two Temples to Vanya in the rift, though it has existed for many years.

Many in the north fear Argyle’s return to power as something heralding a dangerous time. His quick and apparently absolute assumption of power has not given anyone reason to doubt those fears. Though, to date, no great doom has marched out of Avenal, eyes remained turned their awaiting what seems to be inevitable.


Argyle Lorne II 'The Black Knight'

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