Freya of the Thundering Hooves Clan

A sly barbarian girl who wants to make a difference.


Freya is a young girl that lives with her clan in the Lower Great Grasslands. Being a natural in dealing with people it had been decided she become a trader. She travels with the other traders to the urban cities and towns with a cart full of furs and ornaments. Here, she loves to trick people into giving her more than they intended, doing the good ol’ honor theft. For some reason she always gets in trouble for it. However, her sly tongue and fast lies usually get her out of any situation.

Travelling is dangerous business, and as such she has learned to defend herself, and others. Accolon was a blessing for Freya. If it was not for him, she would have gotten in a whole lot of trouble that she would not be able to get out of. Her somewhat unwilling mentor taught her goodness and skill, and he is the true reason she felt the calling to do good.

Never will she walk away from innocent lives in danger. She might not charge in head first, but help she will. Freya believes that a lot of violence can be prevented by talking. She will never kill a fellow human, unless in self-defense. There is enough evil in the rift without helping it a long.

As such, she grew weary with petty trades. Why bother when there is so much evil in the world that has to be defeated! After hearing epic tales of conflict from a beautiful bard, she decided to temporarily say goodbye to her clan and travel North. A little overwhelmed and insecure she now wonders where one starts to make a difference.

Freya of the Thundering Hooves Clan

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