Legacy of Zanzer Tem

The search for the Amber Eye of Traldar

I was once told about the powerful artifacts once created by an advanced but old civilization. The Hutaakans were deeply steeped in magic, I heard from my grandfather Volodar and from Geoffrey few things about them, including how dangerous these items can be.

Close to my birthday, when I was around 8 years old after another resurgence of the goblins Geoffrey decided to divide some of these artifacts between the Quadrial races. Geoffrey guided me into the mystical magic island when I became a wizard. I hold him in high respect not only because Volodar regarded Geoffrey decision as a wise one, but also because it was after the war of sword and wand.

Before I found my new friends the Amber Eye of Traldar was stolen from the Dwarves. My grampa then sent me a letter telling the location of an ancient Hutaakan tapestry, that would allow me to track Traldar’s eye. I now possess the tapestry and fear the worse, I have to keep my eyes open. I find likely that the Iron Ring has the artifact, reason enough to worry considering they operate in the shadows and when you less expect.

Ixion has always guided me and after many years alone led me to this group of people, who certainly were always part of my destiny. We are close to tracking it down, and I’m sure Geoffrey and my grandfather are counting on me. I need to learn how to use the tapestry and hopefully make my friends understand how important this is to everyone.

After all, retrieving the Eye won’t be an easy task.



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