Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Swamp, death, and stink

Grandfather, I hope this letter finds you well and Mishka have a good travel.

To say that strange things keep happening is truly unnecessary. Gloomfens is a terrible place, and I can say I’ve seen with my own eyes. The air is toxic and the negative energy favours its habitants. Undead creatures everywhere. We fought bravely against them and the humans that created them. We then decided to march on, seeking the knight’s blessed fountains so we could swear under one of the four paths: honour, valor, justice, or generosity. It was clear to all of us Freya’s righteous heart would go for justice, and Petyr’s bravery would led him to valor. I’m curious to see what Clair is going to choose, we can definitely see her liberality in giving and our bets are on generosity. I find myself between few of the options, but I still have so many years ahead and I will need my true freedom to follow my path. I already serve the cult and I have Ixion’s bless.

I was able to obtain the item I sent to you find, along with my friends I am heading back home. I hope we can host them with dignity, without them nothing would have been recovered. Another thing I have to tell you, maybe you and dad won’t appreciate but I will be going to the tournament.

See you soon

Elward Mithlenthar



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