Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Orah's Journal

Session 12-15

  • Fought skeleton horses.
  • Made quick work of them. They were no match for my ax
  • We found a room. This room had two black pearls, some things in a chest, and a human named Tory.
  • The monk man and I took the pearls
  • The Magic lady and this Tory seem to be friends
  • There was talk about a resurrection of a dead goblin, and a mention of Zgakx, father of the dark fur.
  • Ktub Braingouger is connected to these black pearls.
  • We continue on, the small girl keeping the lookout on the backend
  • We stabilize a woman on our way through. I don’t want her with us, but the group decided to take her
  • We ran into some goblins. I lost it again, a bit better at controlling my rage.
  • We ran into skeleton men. I used my glaive and javelins. Maybe the ax isn’t the right weapon for me after all. I wonder what my father would think.
  • Wow. There is a huge pit of people.
  • Giant ogres. They stole a page from my book with reckless attacks.
  • We defeat them, our party weary, but there is one more bad man in the pit. I make a running leap and plunge my ax into him, knocking him over.
  • I chop his head clean off, but these worms seem to be the real foe. We make quick work of these worms and free these prisoners from the pit.
  • Very close to passing out, I finally get some health. My companions have fought well, although some were knocked unconscious during the fight. I feel needed with these adventurers. They need a dwarf for the nitty gritty battles.
  • Overall I think I will keep fighting with an ax, but always keep my glaive close. It was a very useful weapon and did a lot of damage when an ax wouldn’t reach. I am a small legged dwarf after all



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