Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Notes from Lorea's Journal: In which we Split the Party

For future note, in addition to not letting the halfling taunt dragons, if, in the future, we ever feel the need to split the group up while in the midst of a dungeon, that split should NOT be myself and the Cleric in one group, and the Thief, Wizard, and Halfling in the other. In fact, the best plan may be that the Wizard and the Halfling are never allowed in the same split.

After they convinced the elf they wanted to negotiate, and followed her toward her mistress, the Halfling apparently stabbed her in the back. From what I understand, they killed two elves and a giant spider or two. I am not really certain because though they did not actually get very far away from us, I spent the time killing bugbears – lots and lots of bugbears.

Once we were through that, we went back to the room the elven leader had been in. It apparently had an extra special version of the special stones that let wizards learn new spells. Unfortunately for our wizard, the thief decided ti climb a statue to pull the gems out of it’s eyes, and as soon as he did that, the room collapsed. It was all we could do to make it out alive, and the wizard lost his chance to study at that stone. Worst part is, the gems were not even gems, just bits of colored glass.

I do believe we are done here, except for going back to the other special stone and letting the wizard do a ritual there in order to learn something new.

I will not be sorry to leave this place, though I suppose that I cannot complain about the improvement to my weapon. I really did kill a lot of bug bears.



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