Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Notes from Lorea's Journal: In which we meet Zanzer Tem

After rescuing my cousin, Sir Tristram, and one of the missing families from the cellars below the manor house (and killing a zombie beholder on the way out), we rested for a few days in town. On the urging of Sir Danika, Knight of Torlynn, we went northeast to check out the area of the purple lights that occurred during the eclipse.
We reached a giant cliff, and along the trail to the top, we came across a large encampment, and a sorcerer named Zanzer Tem. There in the cliff was a tomb of a great magician. Zanzer Tem is seeking a great artifact in the tomb that will drain the magic from this place. She believes that if that artifact is not found this night, the world will end.
Naturally, we entered the tomb, with Zanzer Tem, but not with any of her army. (I am not really certain why they are here, but if the world ends, it will not really matter, I guess.)
Inside the tomb was a statue of the sorcerer, in a octagonal room, with 8 passages off of it (7 in addition to the secret door we entered from). When we first attempted to go down a passage, the statue turned and shot magic missiles at us. But then we noticed that the two wands the statue was holding could be removed and that there were circular holes in the floor at the base of the statue. We were able to lock it in place facing the door we had entered by and safely go down the tunnels.
The first tunnel we entered led to a frozen tableau of a great fight (that included a magic axe being wielded by one of the greatest Dwarven heroes) seemingly frozen in time.
There are only three other passages that seem noteworthy. One of them had a coffin making workshop, the room for the coffin maker, and at the end, a room for examining the dead. It also held some of the dead who rose up and attacked us – twice. Based on notes found in the coffin makers room, we knew to look in another door after the room with the zombies (and to secure the door open before doing so).
Another passage included graves of more undead who rose up to fight us (and nearly killed us). After getting past them, we found a dining room with table and 10 chairs. 8 of the chairs had symbols carved in the backs. 6 of those symbols matched rune necklaces we had taken off the last zombies we had fought. We ran back to the two in the room for examining the dead, and found the other two.
Sadly, they did nothing.
Somewhere in here, Zanzer Tem seemed to believe that we had found a workshop for creating a lich, but that the great sorcerer for whom the tomb was built was not a lich. We found his wife’s burial chamber, as well, but she did not seem to be a lich.
We believe we need one more rune necklace, perhaps from the sorcerer himself. By this time, there was only one passage we had not fully explored. It had two gargoyles about half way down and a message written overhead about entering certain death. Naturally the Halfling and I went through there. That caused the gargoyles to secrete some sort of acid which destroyed the boots of my armor, and the dagger with which I scraped it off.
We have determined that elemental forces are needed to get rid of the acid, and our mage is currently busy freezing it bit by bit. Once he is done we will proceed further down the corridor – hopefully finding the artifact Zanzer Tem needs in order to prevent the end of the world.

Fighting note: I seem to have fully adjusted to my change in stance and grip, and, while nearly dying, have done better at inflicting damage against the undead we have been facing.



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