Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Notes from Lorea's Journal: In which we deal with Undead

Are we in a tomb? The number of undead would seem to indicate we are, but somehow, I remember it being described as ruins, ruins of an old dwarven stronghold, where they made magical weapons.

And magic definitely is in this place. We very quickly came across one of those stones from which a wizard can learn new magic, and have just now re-forged my weapon into a magic weapon, mostly because no one else had a weapon of high enough quality to withstand the process.

But before we got here, to remaking my weapon, we first had to deal with undead.

The first undead we met here, we actually made a deal with. I am not certain that was a good idea, and suspect that before we leave, we will need to remove him from this place permanently. We did agree to remove his rival, and that we did.

Vanya be praised, as without her help, the swarm of undead might have overwhelmed us, but we were able to defeat them, over two fights, fighting one particular skull twice, as he was “reborn” from the forge.

But, defeat those undead we did. And the forge instantly drew the wizard’s attention, along with the idea of making my weapon.

We shall see how that works.



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