Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Freya, Knight of Justice!

This swamp is just awful. I thought it was going to be a swamp from the stories the elders told me about, but this is not it at all! Where is the green vibrant shrubbery, and the scaly big lizards catching fish? Not here, that’s for sure. Apparently this landscape of toxic desolation is a remnant from some old long ago war, or something. I think that’s what mr. Elf said.

We were absolutely going to trek through the entire thing, until someone actually looked at sir Keegans map and saw we could skirt around it. I had to stable Silverwind and Shadow Dance again, and I feel awful about that. The day where I can run with them across the plains will be glorious and make it all worth it.

So we left sketchy town and made good time when we encountered a very suspicious group. Oh did I mention Petyr picked up a girl? I think she’s trying to get into his pants but he’s oblivious. Whatever, I’m not going to interfere in the business of proper adults. But yeah, we saw this cart with gross undead donkeys and ghouls and other dangerous stuff. And the woman was all about taking them down.

Of course I was like, yeah guys let’s go okay? I don’t wanna die today.

But do they listen? Noooo, as always. “I don’t like this”, “we have to slay these unnatural creatures”, “I want their harp”. While we are discussing, mr. Elf informs us they have somehow sensed our presence. I think he and his owl are tight and they talk. I tried the same once with a baby bison, but my brother killed him and made me eat him. It was pretty awful. Please don’t eat your owl mr. Elf.

Anyway, it was decided, stand and fight. So I do, you know? I do what eveeeryone wanted. And what happens? WHAT HAPPENS? All the men run away. RUN AWAY. Claire, new woman and I are left standing to fight. Petyr just dipped, and mr. Elf kept running from a flying skull, flinging spells. We stood and fought, and I actually lost consciousness at some point. Then finally Petyr came crashing from the ground like a mole and mr. Elf took down some major threats.

Naturally we looted all they had and now the undead swamp mules were working for us everyone was suddenly fine with undead things.

Finally we are here, at the old Temple of the Knights. The one sir. Keegan spoke of. It has some cool fountains. These ghosts talked to me, and I had no clue was I was supposed to say, but I skated by. Then I ran past some mushrooms and called dibs on the fountain of Justice. It’s actually a cause I truly stand for, and I am proud to have gained the blessing. I will not betray it. I don’t think I’ll ever be good enough to be a proper knight, but is probably as good as it gets.



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