Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Elward - Wizard notes

Volodar's letter

It was time to leave Valdemar Lightoak, I can’t put into words how thankful I am. My time in the Order of the Rose taught me many things, I can say I have achieved balanced between my wizardry studies and my devotion to the Cult of Ixion.
My grampa sent me a letter, I was expecting my family was trying to summon me back. However, Volodar surprised me telling one of the dangerous artifact crafted a long time ago by the Hutaaka, that was being kept safe by the dwarves, was stolen recently.
Grampa told me how to track down the artifact, but in order to do that I need one of the magical Hutaaka tapestries.
I thought this would drive me away from my quest to find the source of darkness that would emerge in the Rift, but then Ixion provided me insight to a near bloodshed. I had visions of tons of people dying. The farmsteads where filled with despair, and the sight of my figure seemed to be a relief to a human called Stephan.
Stephan was grouped with survivors and told me he would hire me to help save his brother, he showed me respect and his eyes showed me desperation, I accepted the offer but I know deep in my mind that I wouldn’t be able to charge them for money, so much had happened to them at this point and doing that would be against my principles.
When we reached his brother’s facilities, a group of heroes were the reason of why they were still alive, and joining our forces together we were able to defeat the King which were holding them under a siege.
Sorrow filled the room when I was introduced to Freya, Clair, and Peter and figured they had just lost one of their members. I thought about asking Ixion to bring him back to life, but too much time had passed and it was beyond my powers to do it. I’m pretty sure our fate is not coincidence, if wasn’t by them the King would probably be in possession of the tapestry I was looking for.
We finally got rest, and the sun shall clear our way tomorrow…



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