Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Elward - Hutaakan crypt

Wizard notes

The tapestry is secure with me, generosity of his previous owner. We helped the poor victims of Kor Bloodaxe, can’t really deny my surprise reading through his notes. I finally had a chance to have a glimpse of understanding of the orc twisted mind. The darkness was coming from inside, clouding his sight and comprehension. He said peace was in death, I hope he’s found it.

My new friends proved to be good people and I am enjoying my time with them. I joined their quest and ended up in a Hatuukan magical crypt, located in a different timeline a very long time ago. Once I was a fool that doubted my fate and the plan He has for me, but even though I diverged from my search for the Amber Eye of Traldar I was still involved with old Hatuukan magic. I used the opportunity to take notes of everything I could, learn more about the interesting folks who created the thing I’m dealing with. Lastly I found a runestone which I had to study in a rush, Peter and Freya were dying of an ancient curse and the stone might have had the answer. Unfortunately it did not have the answer and we had to rush to the closest city.

We were back to Klein and a powerful wizard they knew were able to save them, in exchange of gold. I found a very interesting city before me, gnomes are wonderful and energetic creatures. I heard rumours about an observatory that once belonged to a wizard, but is now haunted. Perhaps I could visit the place and have my eyes on it…



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