Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Edward's Story

Edward fidget’s abit as he starts his tale. “We heard some rumors about strange happenings, and thinking I was younger than I am apparently decided to come investigate. The rumors were the types of things that scare farmers, but really not that bad for an experienced adventurer. At least that’s what we thought.”

He relaxes as he gets going in the story. “We actually didn’t find much of consequence to be honest. There is the dead hill, and a few skeletons could be found roaming it now and again. But the activity site was supposed to be the old castle ruins. And frankly there wasn’t much sign of anything happening there in a long time. The most intersting thing was that the floor of what remains of the great hall, a pile of rocks dirt and grasses, was pretty shallow, and underneath was a what seemed to be a large solid piece of marble, inscribed with runes of binding.” He is quite animated as he talks about the marble stone.

Edward takes a long pause and signs, before he continues. “Then we were jumped in our sleep by a shifty little Hin named Otis, leading some goblins, and next thing we know we are part of the crew of slaves digging these tunnels.” You recognize the term Edward uses to refer to his own people.

“From what Tory says we are somewhere in the hill under the castle. Apparently this Kor Bloodaxe character was trying to dig up whatever was bound under that castle.”

“Zgakx,” Tory interjects.

By now Edward has his his full stride in lecturer mode, he doesn’t seem displeased in the least by the lead in to the next part of his tale. “Ah yes, Zgakx, Father of the Dark Fur, Maneater, Lord of the Infernal Moon, yeah we heard that more than once down there.”

“It is said, by goblin seers, that there will be born 11 great champions from each of 11 lineages, who will rise to lead the goblinoid people to greatness. And that when the 11th champion of the 11th lineage rises, it will be the full avatar of He Who Always Rises, and humankind will be swept away in the tide of goblins that will cover the world.”

“Zgakx is generally considered to be one of the champions, though not all seers agree on the exact ordering or naming of each champion. My understanding is that he was lord of the Bharghests devoted to the Goblin God Wogar. Based on where we were he was presumably slain, or perhaps merely trapped, in the final days of the ”/wikis/human-and-general-history" class=“wiki-page-link”> Third Rift War." Edward comes to a very natural conclusion, and you can tell from his body language that he considers the story told.

“Kor said he slew Halvor at the foot of Strywolp Hill, and that he would have siezed the royal jewels if it weren’t for Halvor’s Squire.” Tory cuts in.

“Killing Halvor the Second is to Goblins, what being descended from Halvor the first it to humans. Every crackpot claims it. Did he happen to say where Strywolp Hill is?” Edward’s disdain for the claim drips from each word.

“No.” Tory shrugs.



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