Legacy of Zanzer Tem

Claire's Summary

Everything has being a blur since Larry’s death. I miss him so much but life goes on and he wouldn’t want me to stop.

We are following a map and looking for treasures. However, the only thing we found was misfortune. I enjoyed our exploration into the tombs, it kept my mind distracted. There were these old symbols that I was able to recognize, it felt good to exercised my memory studying them. Also, there is a new member in our group, a friendly mage that has been helping us. Seems like he is looking for some magic tapestry, a powerful item that will help him find the eye stolen from the dwarves.

After the tombs, I would like to visit Edgewater. I would be nice to be in friendly place after all what happened. I think the library would be very helpful for us at. I could search more about this magic sword and the tombs we visited. However, my friends decided to go to Aberdal few weeks ago. So many memories. I could feel Larry on my side, I really miss his company…



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